Crystals and Pain Relief

Crystals and pain relief by Philip Permutt (First appeared in Paradigm Shift March 2012

Pain can be defined as “An unpleasant sensation and emotional response to that sensation”.

One of the major problems with modern life and especially our ever increasing longevity is the frequency and degree of pain we suffer. Whether physical or emotional and psychological it affects just about everyone during their life.

Every culture has traditional natural remedies, developed over and used for thousands of years. Most are still evolving today as they are used on a continuous trial and error basis with individual practitioners. Many are the basis of modern medicines such as herbal preparations, some work in a cultural context perhaps helping psychologically within a traditional framework of understanding and some work without us being able to prove why they do. Just because science does not “prove” something should not distract from overwhelming anecdotal evidence of its efficacy.

Many alternative modalities empower the client-patient by making them active participants in their own healing. This can have a great supportive psychological effect, to be able to do something for yourself rather than relying on others you may not have faith in, which can lead to “miraculous” healing. I put “miraculous” in inverted commas because the human body has a fantastic and amazing ability to heal itself. Often with alternative therapies the aim, whether spoken or not, is to help the body heal itself.

Pain is a long standing problem of epidemic proportions across the globe. For example in America 83 million people are living with pain that affects their participation in daily activities. *

Chronic pain negatively impacts all aspects of an individual's life, including emotional, vocational, financial and social elements. The entire family may be dramatically affected, and many feel isolated because they can no longer work or must drop out of their normal activities, thus further isolating themselves from friends and family.

It is suggested that up to 80% of visits to GP’s involve pain as a symptom.

Despite all these numbers it is still felt that the effects of pain on people are underestimated. A key factor in this is that sometimes patients do not report their pain. Patients may believe that pain is “normal” – they’re just getting older, or that good patients do not complain. They also may be concerned about side-effects of pain killers and addiction to some analgesics. Finally patients may fear that if they acknowledge they are in pain, there will be financial or occupational consequences. These patient factors are in part attributable to inadequate patient education.

* The Alternative Medicine Foundation 2010

Crystal Healing can be described as the application of crystals to aid the body’s energy system find a healthy and comfortable point of balance to improve the quality of life. As we’ve already seen pain has a serious detrimental effect on the quality of life and crystals can be highly effective in removing pain.

Perhaps the simplest way to work with a crystal is to take a quartz crystal point. Hold it about 2cm above the area of pain with the crystal termination, or “point”, pointing down and move the crystal slowly in clockwise circles over the painful area. Don’t be concerned if the pain gets a little worse as you do this, sometimes it does before it improves. After a short time you should see a rapid improvement. Of course some things will take a little longer and for chronic pain try this for ten to fifteen minutes daily for a couple of weeks and you should see improvement.

Crystals can help pain in several ways. They can work directly on the pain as above, certain crystals will generally aid particular areas of the body, such as citrine for the digestive tract or emerald for the lungs, and working with or just wearing these crystals may help to relieve pain in specific areas or organs in the body and some crystals will act as “pain killers” and dull the sensation such as chevron amethyst or a dioptase elixir that can be applied topically or drunk.

Here are some of some crystals that can help pain…

Quartz crystal can be applied as described above or carried or worn to give a general uplifting feeling to life and your universe.

Amethyst is particularly helpful for headaches, dark amethyst for migraines and chevron amethyst placed near the pain source to block or reduce pain.

Chrysocolla and copper when worked with together can be effective relief from arthritic and rheumatic joint pains. Hold them together on the painful joint for about 30 minutes daily.

Chlorite, citrine, obsidian, agate, jasper, variscite, turquoise and thulite, a pink variety of zoisite, can be effective for wind pains and chlorite seems to help some people generally in a similar way to chevron amethyst (above).

Period pains can be helped by chrysocolla, ruby, moonstone, kunzite and jade.

A dioptase elixir can be prepared simply by placing a cleansed dioptase crystal in a glass or jug of water, leave it overnight in the fridge or you can just cover it if you dislike drinking cold water, remove the crystal in the morning and drink the water during the day for pain relief. In some circumstances it can also be effective applied topically to the area of pain.

Citrine, dioptase and Boji Stone can be helpful in relieving post-operative pain by placing cleansed crystals on the dressing or near the wound. Be sure to abide by cleanliness to avoid any possibility of infecting the wound and if you’re uncertain consult a professional crystal therapist for treatment or advice.

All calcite crystals will help emotional pain but cobaltoan calcite is the most effective. Keep a crystal with you and place it under your pillow or on a bedside table at night to help heal emotional hurts. Obsidian and muscovite may also help.

Rose quartz, aragonite and charoite are good for relieving general aches and pains.

It is not uncommon for some therapists pick up empathic pains from their clients, and physically feel their clients’ pains. Cavansite can help any practitioner who suffers these pains.

Celestite can bring angelic relief to any physical pain.

Hemimorphite can be helpful generally if place near someone suffering from pain.

Sugilite can bring effective relief to a headache, just hold a stone near the source of pain for a little while and you’ll feel the pain slowly go as it is absorbed by the stone.

Selenite and lingham are good for back pain.

Jasper and howlite can help relieve mild discomfort when held to the area of pain.

And finally some chronic conditions can be helped but perhaps the pain never completely goes. In such cases bixbyite can help you cope emotionally with the pain.


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