Lemurian Quartz Laser Crystal

Lemurian Quartz Laser Crystal

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Little Treasures
from Anonymous on 06/06/2013
These Lemurian Laser crystals really are just the thing for adding extra amplification to any other crystal... I bought four with a veiw to working with them in a 'star' formation where extra help might be needed. Used them on myself just this morning to great and rapid relief from a nasty headache in combination with chevron amethyst ~ worked a treat. They have a lovely feel to them, a strong and calming tone.
Amazing quartz laser wands
from Anonymous on 24/04/2013
The energy from the points work wonderful with any crystal layout where the focus crystal wands add is required. Truly enhance the healing experience that takes place in a crystal healing session. Also wonderful when working with own connection to source and energy.

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