Jasper Brecciated jasper rough

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Jasper Brecciated jasper rough

Brecciated jasper
Variety of opaque chalcedony, red, with darker patterns and quartz and possibly mica inclusions.
Alternate names: poppy jasper
Common source - India, Brazil
Astrological associations; Leo
Chakra; base
Healing qualities; general tonic when your feeling down with minor illness, helps prevent illness, bladder, bronchitis, back ache, cramps, aids diagnosis, colds and flu, jaundice, kidneys, liver, MS, nerves, sense of smell, spleen, stomach, wind pains, bile ducts, loneliness, yin/yang, aura, goals, dowsing, fasting, ?keeping the spirits up?, mineral balance in the body.

Brecciated jasper rough Approximate size 3 - 6cm, generic photograph, brecciated jasper sold singularly

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