Labradorite 6mm Power Bracelet

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Labradorite 6mm Power Bracelet. Labradorite 6mm bead bracelet generic photograph you will receive a labradorite bracelet similar to the one in the photograph. Thin labradorite bracelet bracelet

Magical Labradorite inspires mental agility and intuitive powers 
Birthstone Scorpio
Planet Pluto
Element Water
Chakra Crown

Wear Labradorite:

1. to stabilise your aura and enhance the flow of energy between aura and chakras, boosting health and vitality
2. to increase your intuition and originality
3. to make magic happen around you
4. whilst sleeping for a shaper mind the next day
5. Wear a labradorite bracelet on your left wrist to stabilise your aura; wear the labradorite bracelet on your right wrist to shield from psychic attacks

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