Garnet 6mm Power Bracelet AA Quality

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Garnet 6mm Power Bracelet. Garnet 6mm bead bracelet generic photograph you will receive a garnet bracelet similar to the one in the photograph. Thin garnet bracelet

Life enhancing garnet brings positive change
Birthstone Capricorn
Planet Saturn
Element Fire
Chakra Heart

1. Carry or wear garnet to boost your vitality and make you more attractive to the oppsite sex
2. Put a garnet crystal in your purse or wallet to attract abundance
3. Place garnet at the head of your bed to ease depression
4. Carry garnet to reduce chaos in your life!
5. Wear a garnet bracelet on your left wrist to draw spiritual ideas to you; wear the garnet bracelet on your right wrist to magically create change in your life

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