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Carnelian natural crystal Orange/brown carnelian natural crystal pebble. Approx size 1.2 - 2.7 cm. Carnelian crystals
Variety of chalcedony forming orange pebbles
Alternate common names; cornelian, sard, orange agate
Common source: worldwide, Uruguay, Brazil, India,
Astrological associations; Taurus, Cancer, Leo
Chakra; sacral
Crystal qualities; Crystal healers believe that carnelian can help with appetite, eating disorders, anger, envy, fear, rage, sorrow and being unfocused. Carnelian is vitalising, balancing, common cold, courage, compassion, confusion, digestion, vitality, personal power, jealousy, cleansing, memory, speech, voice, self esteem, standing up for yourself, regeneration, a Feel Better Stone, study, inspiration, connection to spirit, reduces thirst, helps you to see the links between dis-ease and emotions so you can deal with the emotions and prevent disease. Carnelian can be helpful during meditation retreats, inquisitiveness, apathy, lethargy, laziness, live performance, actors, musicians, etc., minor cuts and grazes (topical elixir).

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