Natural citrine freeform crystal

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Citrine crystal
Natural citrine freeform crystal, citrine crystals from Brazil and Madagascar. Approx size 2 - 3 cm Natural citrine crystal polished in freeform style to enhance their natural beauty. Generic photograph, the citrine crystal you receive will be similar to those in the photograph. For clarity you are buying one crystalCitrine crystal sold singularly. 
Natural citrine crystals

Yellow, golden, or lemon variety of quartz, colour is due to heat from volcanic and other earth activity.
Common source; Brazil, Madagascar
Astrological associations; Gemini, Aries, Libra, Leo
Chakra; solar plexus
Healing qualities; abundance, wealth, "money stone", all of the digestive system from your mouth to anus and all related disorders including Chron's disease and IBS, choice, decisions, relationships, anger, energy, heart, jaundice, kidneys, liver, nausea and sickness/vomiting, self-esteem, tissue regeneration, emotional toxins, toxins/detox, creativity, writing, anaemia, yin/yang, a "Feel Better Stone", teaching and studying (learning), problem solving, awareness, new beginnings, aura, eyesight/vision, thyroid, thymus, selling houses!

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