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Six Spring Stones

ruby rebirth regeneration
citrine abundance and creativity
tourmaline protection and inspiration
tiger's eye creative energy
herkimer diamond attunement to new energies and events
moonstone balance of old and new

Six Spring Stones

Ruby helps rebirth and regeneration

Citrine brings abundance and creativity

Tourmaline aids protection and inspiration

Tiger's eye gives creative energy

Herkimer diamond empowers attunement to new energies and events

Moonstone creates a balance of old and new

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Please help the ponies!

Dear Philip
I am the founder of a charity on Dartmoor that rescues moorland ponies, we are desperate to purchase some land that has come up for sale very close to our stable yard, the vendors are preferring to go to auction with the sale and not to sell before the auction.Is there a crystal that i can place on the land to aid our purchase. We are so desperate i have offered way above the asking price but with so many other prospective buyers i am afraid we may lose out.This will be crucial for are rescues anything you can suggest will be of great help, the auction takes place on the 6th May so your prompt attention would be most appreciated.
Love & Light
Maureen Rolls Animal Communicator
My reply...
Hi Maureen
You’re email has been forwarded by Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune magazine - What a problem! And it’s quite a quandary as to what to advise.
Citrine will bring abundance that could mean more land but could also mean NOT spending the money so you have more money for a future project or the general welfare of your rescues.
Adamite, Amethyst, Cinnabar, Citrine, Diamond, Dioptase, Garnet, Gold, Green Moss Agate, Lepidolite, Phenacite, Ruby, Spirit Quartz, Sunstone, Tektite, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz, Tourmaline and Verdelite can all be helpful in bringing abundance, the acquisition of wealth and material items. – so you could try any of these.
Green moss agate is also good for the land and may be the crystal that will bring the best outcome for all whatever that may be.
I personally like citrine and have a specific crystal that helps bring me what I need. Perhaps the ponies need one of their own? You’ll need a brand new citrine crystal. Cleanse it. Keep it with you/them 24/7 until the auction and ask it to help you specifically acquire the field for a reasonable price. You could try this with tourmaline too.
An alternative is to plant a basil plant and place a red tiger’s eye (falcon’s eye) crystal on the soil under the plant. Water well and see what it brings. Many people have found this works – have a look at my blog; here’s a link to the relevant topic's%20eye
Third option is to programme a quartz crystal with the intent of winning the land. I’ve covered this in detail in several of my books and it’s not a quick answer but if you are not aware of it and want to give it a go let me know and I’ll email some instructions.
I would also like to put this on my Facebook page and ask anyone else to send energy and healing thoughts to you, the land and of course the ponies. Please let me know if that’s OK.
I hope some of this helps.
Best wishes
Love and crystal light
AND what you can do...
SEND energy and healing thoughts NOW! And every day till 6th May. Also visit thier website or email at

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Attracting new customers

One question I'm asked in one guise or another most regularly is "Can you recommend crystals or gems I could carry with me or put in a bracelet or necklace to attract new customers OR any techniques that you know to work? And can you also recommend any books on the subject?"
And you thought from the title that this was going to be a list of my most attractive customers! No - couldn't possibly as ALL my customers are attractive :-)
Back to the question...
I always work with citrine and sometimes with red tiger’s eye (falcon’s eye) and basil see my blog – Philip’s crystal blog – Oh, yes, you're here arn't you? Anyway here’s a link to the relevant pieces's%20eye
I prefer citrine and have several crystals selected specifically for the task. Firstly you need to select one new crystal just to help you attract more customers. Cleanse it and then spend some time getting to know it. Ask it to help you find more customers, or you can be as specific as you like here, and keep it with you 24/7 repeating your request daily for at least two weeks. Then keep it somewhere appropriate, such as a till in a shop or by your telephone if you take phone bookings or perhaps by your computer if you have a website and just give it a rub when you need more customers!
Other crystals that may help include Adamite, Amethyst, Cinnabar, Citrine, Diamond, Dioptase, Garnet, Gold, Green Moss Agate, Lepidolite, Phenacite, Ruby, Spirit Quartz, Sunstone, Tektite, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz, Tourmaline and Verdelite can all be helpful in the acquisition of both wealth and material items. Citrine known as the “money stone” attracts riches. Keep a crystal in your pocket, purse or wallet. Amethyst, Cinnabar and Ruby help you focus on money matters and Iolite and Stibnite can aid financial management. If you are addicted to the material world then try working with Larimar to let it float away.
I’ve also produced a CD on Prosperity with Cassandra Eason that may be of some help see
I also cover this subject in all my books in one way or another. And in closing as it says in someone else's book - may you live long and prosper.

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Cancel, clear, delete

One of my Facebook friends, a young American lady Misti Hammers offered this prayer - Archangel Michael, Please cancel the harmful effects of my past negative thoughts, words, feelings, and actions in the best and highest way. Thank you!!!

And it's such a lovely thought. Hey guys, I'm not perfect but come along and help us out here and turn my wrongs into rights to help someone else if they can't help me.

But it's her title - cancel, clear, delete - that is such an accurate statement of the techno-savvy youth of today. And so wrong. You can not just cancel, clear and delete your errors in life. They add to your karma. The good, the bad and the ugly; along with the fact that there's no good or bad in this beautiful world.

I've always wondered if all that we each do makes a difference. I think it does. I think at that moment when you're stepping up to the Pearly Gates He looks in The Book and thinks… well just a thought…

Thoughts come and go. For 15 years I wrote the "Just a thought…" column in The Dawning magazine. Then one day there were no more thoughts as the magazine switched to an online e-newsletter. For just over 49 and a half years I thought I had thoughts until one day I woke up in a coma. Well, didn't wake up in a coma. Whatever - as the youth might say. Any way you like, this is going to be difficult to explain.  Maybe I just started looking at the world differently. It changed, not in the moment, or weeks, of the coma, but in the moment of awakening. The realisation that I had no idea of anything, as if born anew… cancel, clear, delete. Maybe they're right after all?

How can crystals help? In this case I don't know they do. All I can tell you is the only one I missed when I woke was my tourmaline crystal pendant. It's some 13 months later. I've started wearing my tourmaline pendant again today and today, yes just today the world seems a better place.

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The biggest full moon in years! And the Spring Equinox - what a weekend!

The biggest full moon in years! This weekend will see the biggest full moon for two decades. On Saturday the moon will be the closest it's been to Earth in 19 years and will appear 14% bigger and up to a third brighter than a normal full moon. She'll actually be 221,567 miles from us (someone has a long tape measure!) and the brightness is disproportionately enhanced brining a midnight twilight if the sky is clear.

Some people say "supermoons" can cause all sorts of natural disasters and are historically linked to many such events. The last supermoon was 10 January 2005, around the time of the Indonesian earthquake that measured 9.0 on the Richter scale and hurricane Katrina in 2005 was also associated with an unusually large full moon. But this one will be much bigger still.

We all know the moon can move the tides in the ocean and is linked to fluids in us, hence the idea of lunacy. Did you know that police departments the world over run their staff rotas on the lunar cycle? New York's finest and the Sussex Constabulary are just two examples.

Some more interesting facts are that in England the Lunacy Act of 1824 stated that people were likely to go mad when the moon was full. "The moon is made of green cheese" from John Heywood's proverbs 1546 means that it is new, or not aged and acts like a child. The full moon is also associated with lycanthropy where a man (or woman) becomes a werewolf (or Mrs Werewolf). And if you are scared of things that go bump in the night, then this weekend you'd be safer indoors! If you need a crystal to protect you as you venture out then wear a tourmaline crystal pendant or take a tourmaline crystal with you. Just pop the stone in your pocket or bra and it's protective crystal energy with wrap round you and you'll look just like the "Ready Brek" kid. There are many alternatives for example lapis lazuli and golden topaz which also keep you safe or aquamarine and turquoise that both traditionally protect travellers - and we all travel along our path...

But going back to the moon, these special supermoons can also be powerful times to complete a project or make a final step towards starting something new too and tourmaline can help here as it promotes change. It is a wonderful time to cleanse your crystals in the moonlight. Just pop your crystals outside and let the moon shine on them through the night. Even if it's cloudy your crystals will still pick up the powerful energy of the full moon.

Right that takes care of Saturday and in case you haven't had enough celestial happenings, Sunday is the Spring equinox, also known as the Vernal equinox. It is the New Year for a majority of ancient cultures, some of which are still going today! In fact even in the UK it was celebrated as the New Year up to 1751. It's the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. The time when life is renewed after its winter death. It is a time of renewal and re-birth and a perfect moment to start new projects and let new ideas flow freely through your mind. The equinox is at 11.21pm (UK time); a perfect time for your crystals to be bathed in the light of the silvery moon.

Of course the Spring equinox also links to Easter as the season of re-birth and this is represented by the giving (and let's not forget the eating) of Easter eggs. The ovoid form being a symbol of fertility and birth.

Enjoy the changes that the season brings and welcome the changes into your life.

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Full Moon

The night of Wednesday 19th January...
I didn't sleep at all. And the weird thing is that several other people have mentioned that they had a bit of a time with the full moon too. Then two other facts were rammed into my consciousness. Firstly it was the first full moon of 2011 and secondly that it wasn't just my energy aware friends who were noticing their reactions but some neighbours and friends who do not usually comment on these esoteric matters at all. One person emailed that they were leaving their dream research for another time and another asking which crystals they could carry to calm them down and help them cope. Well if you're suffering with the full moon try carrying or wearing aquamarine, moonstone, tourmaline or rose quartz to help balance the effects of the full moon and ruby to enhance the shifting energy for your benefit. Or you can place any or all of these crystals under your pillow at night.

 I noticed that this first full moon in 2011 has affected so many people, that something just has to be happening. One friend suggests that we are entering exciting times and the beginnings of energy shifts in so many people are a sign of this. I think these shifts have been occurring for a while and that more and more people are beginning to be aware of this reality. But it doesn't matter which way round you look at these events; more people are raising their consciousness to a higher level.

For more information on important 2011 dates click this link and scroll to January 2011 and  January 2011 update
News - new shipments - new workshops

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Crystal combinations

I keep being asked about combining crystals, which crystals can you keep together? which crystals work well together and crystals that amplify other crystals. The simple rule (if there are any rules?) is that you can keep any combination of crystals together. Many people say that when they combine crystals they all work better. As each crystal is working not just on a specific issue but on an aspect or specific cause of the issue it is hardly surprising to find this. For example rose quartz, moonstone and chrysocolla all improve fertility but all work slightly differently. One will be the right one for you but we have little idea which (you could dowse these with your crystal pendulum). When you combine all three they always work, so they "appear" to be working better as a group than one by itself. As crystals work by balancing whatever they're working on, if you don't need a crystal it will just look pretty and do no harm.

There are many crystal combinations that work well together such as citrine and crazy lace agate for confidence or tourmaline and smokey quartz (smoky quartz)for protection. There are obviously too many to go into, the positive combinations are endless, so try them for yourself.

Ruby amplifies the effect of any crystal it's placed near. Other crystals are reputed to do this too such as green fluorite and diamond. And some change the effects like Herkimer diamond which brings out the spiritual side of any other crystal.

But, as I said, there are no rules... so try your own combinations.

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How many people do you meet?

An interesting envelope came in the post the other day... It said I was selected to take part in a survey, and you know what... it's the first time I've been selected for something and it hasn't cost me any money! So I thought I'd give it a go. It's a research project for a couple of professors from the Universities of Warwick and Liverpool entitled " Social Contact Survey".

They are trying to understand how epidemics, such as Swine Flu, spread through the population. Worrying when people dealing with Swine Flu have sent 4,000 letters out and licked the envelopes! So anyway, actually did they lick the envelopes? I'm worrying me now... As I was saying, anyway, they are asking simple questions like how many people you met, for how long, how far from home and things like that. They're only interested in people who you had contact with or spoke to. Touch means shaking hands or kissing, which if I remember rightly were viewed as the same thing by Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate!!

Well amazing as it may be, they ask you to complete this information for the next Saturday after you receive the form, which is today. Today being the first Saturday of December, traditionally one of the busiest days in any shop in the UK. So here's a brief summery of the outcome...

Today I met my wife (not surprising) and I spent more than one hour with her (also not surprising) at home (OK we're being obvious!). I also met 2 of my staff , one Tarot reader and a Reiki Master teaching a Reiki 1 course (again all unsurprisingly in my shop). Now the interesting bit... I met 106 customers of which 16 I "shook hands" with and the rest I talked to. Let's extrapolate this and if I assume my staff did the same then we served over 300 customers today in 8 hours.That's one customer every 1.6 minutes or every 96 seconds! Pretty efficient.

"What does all this mean?", I hear you ask. Well, we were very busy in the shop, but the scientists are looking at spreading infections and I reckon that if we weren't protected by all our crystals we'd be the centre of an outbreak for just about about anything going. Don't worry we're all fit and well! And the lesson is wear or carry your tourmaline crystal at all times to protect you on all levels including the physical!


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Computer crystals

All screens give off positive ions, which make us feel drained and low. So if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer try placing a fluorite crystal between you and the screen. This will absorb the excess of positive ions, releasing negative ions that make us feel bright, awake and focussed. It's the same feeling you get walking by a crashing sea or the freshness in the air after a rain storm.

Amethyst can also be revitalising and tourmaline protective to any negative vibes.

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New stock

Just arrived from Afghanistan... great tourmaline crystals, inexpensive aquamarine and beryl crystals, blue fluorite, rutile crystals, kunzite, epidot, actinolite, afgahanite, chlorite phantom crystals, amethyst and peridot jewellery and peridot crystals and the very best zoisite crystals I've ever seen!! Sorry we've just sold all the actinolite crystals :-) All the rest in iSiS now!
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