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Philip Permutt's musings on crystals, crystal healing, life, the universe and everything all contained in one simple blog. Although Philip writes extensively in his books on crystal healing, his Take a Break's Fate & Fortune Crystal Clinic with Philip Permutt monthly column and other magazine articles he still occasionally finds time to write things here!

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Please help the ponies!

Dear Philip
I am the founder of a charity on Dartmoor that rescues moorland ponies, we are desperate to purchase some land that has come up for sale very close to our stable yard, the vendors are preferring to go to auction with the sale and not to sell before the auction.Is there a crystal that i can place on the land to aid our purchase. We are so desperate i have offered way above the asking price but with so many other prospective buyers i am afraid we may lose out.This will be crucial for are rescues anything you can suggest will be of great help, the auction takes place on the 6th May so your prompt attention would be most appreciated.
Love & Light
Maureen Rolls Animal Communicator
My reply...
Hi Maureen
You’re email has been forwarded by Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune magazine - What a problem! And it’s quite a quandary as to what to advise.
Citrine will bring abundance that could mean more land but could also mean NOT spending the money so you have more money for a future project or the general welfare of your rescues.
Adamite, Amethyst, Cinnabar, Citrine, Diamond, Dioptase, Garnet, Gold, Green Moss Agate, Lepidolite, Phenacite, Ruby, Spirit Quartz, Sunstone, Tektite, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz, Tourmaline and Verdelite can all be helpful in bringing abundance, the acquisition of wealth and material items. – so you could try any of these.
Green moss agate is also good for the land and may be the crystal that will bring the best outcome for all whatever that may be.
I personally like citrine and have a specific crystal that helps bring me what I need. Perhaps the ponies need one of their own? You’ll need a brand new citrine crystal. Cleanse it. Keep it with you/them 24/7 until the auction and ask it to help you specifically acquire the field for a reasonable price. You could try this with tourmaline too.
An alternative is to plant a basil plant and place a red tiger’s eye (falcon’s eye) crystal on the soil under the plant. Water well and see what it brings. Many people have found this works – have a look at my blog; here’s a link to the relevant topic's%20eye
Third option is to programme a quartz crystal with the intent of winning the land. I’ve covered this in detail in several of my books and it’s not a quick answer but if you are not aware of it and want to give it a go let me know and I’ll email some instructions.
I would also like to put this on my Facebook page and ask anyone else to send energy and healing thoughts to you, the land and of course the ponies. Please let me know if that’s OK.
I hope some of this helps.
Best wishes
Love and crystal light
AND what you can do...
SEND energy and healing thoughts NOW! And every day till 6th May. Also visit thier website or email at

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Attracting new customers

One question I'm asked in one guise or another most regularly is "Can you recommend crystals or gems I could carry with me or put in a bracelet or necklace to attract new customers OR any techniques that you know to work? And can you also recommend any books on the subject?"
And you thought from the title that this was going to be a list of my most attractive customers! No - couldn't possibly as ALL my customers are attractive :-)
Back to the question...
I always work with citrine and sometimes with red tiger’s eye (falcon’s eye) and basil see my blog – Philip’s crystal blog – Oh, yes, you're here arn't you? Anyway here’s a link to the relevant pieces's%20eye
I prefer citrine and have several crystals selected specifically for the task. Firstly you need to select one new crystal just to help you attract more customers. Cleanse it and then spend some time getting to know it. Ask it to help you find more customers, or you can be as specific as you like here, and keep it with you 24/7 repeating your request daily for at least two weeks. Then keep it somewhere appropriate, such as a till in a shop or by your telephone if you take phone bookings or perhaps by your computer if you have a website and just give it a rub when you need more customers!
Other crystals that may help include Adamite, Amethyst, Cinnabar, Citrine, Diamond, Dioptase, Garnet, Gold, Green Moss Agate, Lepidolite, Phenacite, Ruby, Spirit Quartz, Sunstone, Tektite, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz, Tourmaline and Verdelite can all be helpful in the acquisition of both wealth and material items. Citrine known as the “money stone” attracts riches. Keep a crystal in your pocket, purse or wallet. Amethyst, Cinnabar and Ruby help you focus on money matters and Iolite and Stibnite can aid financial management. If you are addicted to the material world then try working with Larimar to let it float away.
I’ve also produced a CD on Prosperity with Cassandra Eason that may be of some help see
I also cover this subject in all my books in one way or another. And in closing as it says in someone else's book - may you live long and prosper.

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Cancel, clear, delete

One of my Facebook friends, a young American lady Misti Hammers offered this prayer - Archangel Michael, Please cancel the harmful effects of my past negative thoughts, words, feelings, and actions in the best and highest way. Thank you!!!

And it's such a lovely thought. Hey guys, I'm not perfect but come along and help us out here and turn my wrongs into rights to help someone else if they can't help me.

But it's her title - cancel, clear, delete - that is such an accurate statement of the techno-savvy youth of today. And so wrong. You can not just cancel, clear and delete your errors in life. They add to your karma. The good, the bad and the ugly; along with the fact that there's no good or bad in this beautiful world.

I've always wondered if all that we each do makes a difference. I think it does. I think at that moment when you're stepping up to the Pearly Gates He looks in The Book and thinks… well just a thought…

Thoughts come and go. For 15 years I wrote the "Just a thought…" column in The Dawning magazine. Then one day there were no more thoughts as the magazine switched to an online e-newsletter. For just over 49 and a half years I thought I had thoughts until one day I woke up in a coma. Well, didn't wake up in a coma. Whatever - as the youth might say. Any way you like, this is going to be difficult to explain.  Maybe I just started looking at the world differently. It changed, not in the moment, or weeks, of the coma, but in the moment of awakening. The realisation that I had no idea of anything, as if born anew… cancel, clear, delete. Maybe they're right after all?

How can crystals help? In this case I don't know they do. All I can tell you is the only one I missed when I woke was my tourmaline crystal pendant. It's some 13 months later. I've started wearing my tourmaline pendant again today and today, yes just today the world seems a better place.

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Spring, Light

I've noticed a dramatic change in the light since the Spring Equinox. There are so many phrases associated with light and its benefits. It's good. Being in the light. We feel safe in the light and look to it for answers. It is the source of life. The sun.
From the Spring Equinox onwards the world tips just slightly into daylight, leaving the night behind and everything seems brighter. People are in a better mood. The sun shines. People laugh.
The flowers display their colours like a rainbow exhibiting the wavelengths of light. Flowers of all hues, red and green, yellow and blue, pink, white and purple adore our gardens, parks and countryside.
It is a perfect time for healing. New growth, both inner and outer. The development of the body to reach a healthier complexion. My own healing, the final closing of my wound, has speeded greatly in the past week or so; but I'm not too surprised as I've seen this spurt of healing energy year after year with my clients. This year, somehow,  everything seems brighter. Each shade of green - did you know how many shades of green there are? I've noticed that there are so many in the natural world around us that they are uncountable. Don't try to numerate them, just look, contemplate and love. Don't envy their number or beauty, meditate with them in the garden of your heart.
I found prasiolite again, a crystal I haven't worked with for a while. I was looking for a crystal to help with my wound and was drawn inexplicably to this green stone. Prasiolite is a green variety of amethyst that is coloured by minerals from springs in deep amethyst mines in Brazil. It really is a stone from the depths of the Earth and as such it is, perhaps, unsurprising that it helps us look into the depths of our own soul.  
In my book The Crystal Healer I wrote that it was good for looking deeper into yourself and reaching inner depths in meditation (you may not like it but its good for you!), inner core, finding who you are, the cause of dis-ease, inner self and a connection to nature. I have been reminded of each and every facet of this crystals' way this week. Challenged to love myself and seen that the physical hole is shallow compared to the inner depths from where this crystal came - and touches.

If you'd like to try some prasiolite for yourself please contact me. (I have some but it's not on the website)

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The biggest full moon in years! And the Spring Equinox - what a weekend!

The biggest full moon in years! This weekend will see the biggest full moon for two decades. On Saturday the moon will be the closest it's been to Earth in 19 years and will appear 14% bigger and up to a third brighter than a normal full moon. She'll actually be 221,567 miles from us (someone has a long tape measure!) and the brightness is disproportionately enhanced brining a midnight twilight if the sky is clear.

Some people say "supermoons" can cause all sorts of natural disasters and are historically linked to many such events. The last supermoon was 10 January 2005, around the time of the Indonesian earthquake that measured 9.0 on the Richter scale and hurricane Katrina in 2005 was also associated with an unusually large full moon. But this one will be much bigger still.

We all know the moon can move the tides in the ocean and is linked to fluids in us, hence the idea of lunacy. Did you know that police departments the world over run their staff rotas on the lunar cycle? New York's finest and the Sussex Constabulary are just two examples.

Some more interesting facts are that in England the Lunacy Act of 1824 stated that people were likely to go mad when the moon was full. "The moon is made of green cheese" from John Heywood's proverbs 1546 means that it is new, or not aged and acts like a child. The full moon is also associated with lycanthropy where a man (or woman) becomes a werewolf (or Mrs Werewolf). And if you are scared of things that go bump in the night, then this weekend you'd be safer indoors! If you need a crystal to protect you as you venture out then wear a tourmaline crystal pendant or take a tourmaline crystal with you. Just pop the stone in your pocket or bra and it's protective crystal energy with wrap round you and you'll look just like the "Ready Brek" kid. There are many alternatives for example lapis lazuli and golden topaz which also keep you safe or aquamarine and turquoise that both traditionally protect travellers - and we all travel along our path...

But going back to the moon, these special supermoons can also be powerful times to complete a project or make a final step towards starting something new too and tourmaline can help here as it promotes change. It is a wonderful time to cleanse your crystals in the moonlight. Just pop your crystals outside and let the moon shine on them through the night. Even if it's cloudy your crystals will still pick up the powerful energy of the full moon.

Right that takes care of Saturday and in case you haven't had enough celestial happenings, Sunday is the Spring equinox, also known as the Vernal equinox. It is the New Year for a majority of ancient cultures, some of which are still going today! In fact even in the UK it was celebrated as the New Year up to 1751. It's the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. The time when life is renewed after its winter death. It is a time of renewal and re-birth and a perfect moment to start new projects and let new ideas flow freely through your mind. The equinox is at 11.21pm (UK time); a perfect time for your crystals to be bathed in the light of the silvery moon.

Of course the Spring equinox also links to Easter as the season of re-birth and this is represented by the giving (and let's not forget the eating) of Easter eggs. The ovoid form being a symbol of fertility and birth.

Enjoy the changes that the season brings and welcome the changes into your life.

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Five things you can do with selenite

Selenite - from The Little Book of Crystal Tips & CuresCB196_LittleCSystals_Jacketphiledit_mini.jpg
Soft clear crystals bring feminine energy
Birthstone Taurus
Planet Venus
Element earth
Chakra crown
Although selenite is linked to Venus it is also connected to Selene – the Goddess of the Moon. You can use this lunar energy to bring flow and wonderment into your life
Leave selenite in your bedroom to increase your sex drive
Keeping selenite with you may slow the onset of baldness
Put selenite in your bathroom to reduce wrinkles and aid a youthful appearance
Place selenite in your home to bring longevity

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Preseli Bluestone, Dolerite, Blue stone, Stonehenge Stone

stonehenge_sml_group_mini.jpgAs it's been on the news and there was a new TV programme on Ancient Britain looking at this again this week I thought it was about time I shared my thoughts on this amazing crystal - Preseli Bluestone Dolerite, Blue stone, Stonehenge Stone - it's called many names, but this refers to the genuine Preseli bluestone from the Preseli Mountains in Wales - hich we just so happen to have bought a new collection. This is the same material that the original stone circle at Stonehenge was built from. Boulders weighing 2 - 4 tons were transported over 200 miles from Preseli in Wales to Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain by prehistoric people who were certain of its unique energy and power.
Recent archaeological finds suggest that smaller pieces of these stones were given to those seeking health by the priests. This is dating back to around 2150BC, over 4,000 years ago!
Technically dolerite is an igneous rock (formed from volcanic activity) and is similar to basalt, but has larger crystals within its structure indicating that it cooled slowly when it was formed. These Preseli bluestones also contain spots or clusters or "flowers" of white plagioclase feldspar as well as augite and possibly mica giving the mysterious glittery effect seen in sunlight and some artificial light. Although called bluestones their colour is only shown truly when wet. Then they appear blue or green. It is the way that water displays their colour theme that is linked strongly to their healing applications in baths and elixirs.
The colour is also shown when they are polished.
Preseli Bluestone Dolerite, Blue stone, Stonehenge Stone is like an ancient voice calling from the distant past; it touches something deep inside us all. It connects to the brow and throat chakras and speaks of communication in every media; ancient and modern. This feels especially correct for truly spiritual ideas. You can actually hear this sound if you hold one of these stones next to your ear. It sounds a little like, but distinctly different from, holding a sea shell to your ear - and it makes your insides wobble a little to feel the connection to a voice so ancient. To some it is ancient, feint and cracking like you could imagine the sound at start of creation. Hold them to your nose and smell them and you'll notice just as ancient aroma like the inside of somewhere you can't quite identify - a cave perhaps?
Common source; Preseli Mountains, Wales, UK is the ONLY source
Astrological associations; Gemini and Pisces
Chakra; brow and throat
Healing qualities -  helps all physical healing (when added to bath water or as an elixir), promotes change, new beginnings by opening doors to new possibilities, fulfilment of your dreams, goals, and ideals. These stones aid divination helping you to see into the past and the future. It facilitates re-birth and astral travel. Also it gives an inner force, courage and emotional strength that help you to see the funny side of things. It brings peace of mind and can be relaxing helping with the relief of phobias, insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks. It benefits any type of public speaking. Linking to the priests of old (predating Druidry, these people worshiped the Ancestors) it offers their favour and perhaps "the favour of the ancestors or gods" bringing wealth and happiness and answering your prayers. The roughness you feel as you stroke it brings focus and concentration to the mind.
These stones feel instantly like old, steadfast, protective, reliable and sturdy friends.
Other people have suggested that the Preseli Bluestone Dolerite, Blue stone, Stonehenge Stone ties in to the heart chakra bringing feelings of compassion, love and peace. It can be helpful to heal the emotional wounds from a relationship break-up. It promotes gallantry, nobility and boosts sexual attraction.
In the 12th Century Geoffrey of Monmouth suggested that these stones would cure ills by bathing in water that was poured over them. He poetically wrote…
The Stones are great
And magic power they have
Men that are sick
Fare to that stone
and wash that stone
And with that water bathe away their sickness
Incidentally Geoffrey was responsible for our current spelling of Merlin which he changed from the Welsh Myrddin.
One theory is that the Preseli bluestones at Stonehenge are the spoils of war taken by an invading force from Salisbury Plain into the Preseli Mountains and transported back by captured slaves. Other suggestions link them to Merlin's ancestors.
Some people in the USA refer to this unique rock as Elvis Stone - from the name connection Preseli - Presley. I think this is a little tentative to say the least! But if you're looking for Elvis Stone then you have found it right here.
Prescelly bluestone - Preseli is sometimes spelt Prescelly, which I think means "Land of the Circles".
Preseli Bluestone Dolerite, Blue stone, Stonehenge Stone
Not surprisingly we have a brand new collection of genuine Preseli Bluestone Dolerite, Blue stone, Stonehenge Stone Follow this link and scroll down to see the collection

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The Little Spirit Guide Meditation Album

little-spirit-guide_web_mini.jpgAbout to be released, my latest CD  The Little Spirit Guide Meditation Album. An amazing experience writing and recording this one. Guides wanting to join in and help, sometimes too much help being offered from the spirit world as I was writing. It's my first release since my severe illness last year.  I think all the helping hands from that experience wanted to join in and have some fun recording an album!

Recording the album was a friendly event with Llewellyn producing it and Niall mastering - that's all the technical stuff.  They are two of the best new age musicians around are also both technically as well as artistically talented. We've worked together on several albums which have all turned out great.

The recording day itself was a strange affair. Llewellyn picked me up because I'm still not well enough to drive, and drove me over to Paradise Music HQ, where we spent most of the day socialising,  catching up with each other and family things before we realised we should be recording an album! So another coffee, cheese on toast, and we're in the studio…

The album has a relaxing introduction followed by six short, 10 minute, guided meditations designed to help you find and communicate with your own spirit guides.
On sale now - advance orders - release February.
The Little Spirit Guide Meditation Album by Philip Permutt

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More on Lucky Red Tiger's Eye

Once again I'm being asked by several people about ways to help their finances. Let's face it, it's February, you've just got your credit card bills from Christmas and realised you've overspent... again. So you're feeling a little low and in need of a financial boost. We have shown that red tigers eye is amazingly lucky - see previous entries in this blog, my Facebook page ( etc - the instructions are simple and now is the perfect time for a little lucky red tiger's eye magic. Cleanse a new red tiger's eye crystal and add it to a basil plant. Water the plant and ask the gods (goddess, Jesus, Buddha, angels, spirit guides, the Tao, the universe, whatever you believe is out there) to help. Think about your current needs or a specific need at this time. Take a little time over this and take it seriously and you'll find you are rewarded quite quickly. I've found that using natural rainwater for cleansing crystals and watering your plants helps too.

Red tiger's eye is also written as red tigers eye and red tiger eye. It's also known as falcon's eye too. Basil is technically ocimum basilicum, a herb from the mint family used extensively in cooking, especially Italian food.

And this is a perfect time to buy a new red tiger's eye stone and a basil plant to combine as we're coming up to the 8th of the month, which in it'self is a lucky number associated with wealth by the Chinese. And the 8th is Tuesday, the day associated with the god of war, Mars, who brings change - another new begining. So we have red tiger's eye, basil, the 8th and Tuesday - so go for it and wish your way to change!

This really works. I have had so many emails and comments from people saying that they tried it and it worked for them. Try it, what have you got to loose?

If you're reading this on someone else's website why not visit mine at

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Remembering crystal friends

Having just submitted the first half of the new manuscript that I've been writing with Lyn, I've noticed that there are many crystals that weave through my life almost, but not quite, unnoticed. It's as though they pop in for a quick cuppa and gossip like a neighbour rather than sit down to discuss life, the universe and everything over a beer or six. But I've found in writing this book that I am becoming reacquainted with many of my crystals in depth. All their nooks and crannies, rough surfaces and rounded nodules, chips and polished surfaces. And their colours, shape and wonderful qualities.

I'm sitting here having just finished another chapter and I find myself surrounded by about forty crystals that have been helping me. And what I find amazing is that so many crystals are involved in a single task. And then I think about all the tasks that I do in a day, how they overlap and interact and the section of crystals around me, worn, in my pockets and on my desk and how these overlap in their qualities and interact with me, and perhaps with each other too. Maybe they are communicating with each other as well and perchance changing how they are helping me.

The new book is full of personal experiences with rocks and crystals and explains how you can adapt these for yourself. These really are crystal friends, helping with all sorts of stuff everyday whether I'm aware of them or not. It will be published in the autumn. More news to follow…

Visit my website at

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