Sapphire Crystal extra-large

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Sapphire Crystal extra-large. Hexagonal natural sapphire crystal. Opaque with good blue colour. Approx size 2.5 - 3 cm big chunky crystals. Generic photograph the sapphire crystal you recieve will be similar to those in the photograph, blue sapphire crystal

Gem variety of corundum, commonly blue but can be any colour other than red (ruby)
Common source: Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand, India
Astrological associations; Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius
Chakra; brow
Crystal qualities; Crystal Healers believe sapphire helps fulfilment of ambition, dreams and goals, emotional balance, control of desire, strong heart, queasy feelings, wisdom, ageing, stress related back ache, spiritual connection, spirit guides, see the beauty in everything, depression, narrow-mindedness, unhappiness, joy, fun, intuition.

Sapphire Crystal, natural sapphire crystal, sapphire stone, blue corundum, blue sapphire crystal

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