Dioptase crystal cluster

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Dioptase crystal cluster Small dioptase crystal cluster or group of dioptase crystals. Approx size 2 - 3 cm. Source Russia. Generic photograph, dioptase crystal sold individually

Brilliant emerald green prismatic crystals
Common sources ; Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia, USA
Astrological associations; Sagittarius, Scorpio
Chakra; Heart, All
Crystal Qualities; Crystal Healers believe dioptase crystals have the following helpful properties: They bring Abundance, Balance, Mental Balance, yin/yang balance, help relieve emotional causes of diarrhoea, Emotional Stability, strength of Heart, Nausea and feelings of sickness, Vitality, 'living in the moment'. Dioptase promotes the spiritual Development of Babies, understand the cause of dis-ease, change, renew goals and ideals, endings and new beginnings, past lives, feeling oppressed, pain (elixir) especially headaches, balance, dizziness.

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