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Boji Stone
Grey/brown, spherical or ovoid stone with smooth patterns and/or protrusions. Smooth ones are known as 'female', those with protrusions 'male' and usually worked with in pairs. The stone is mostly comprised of pyrite with some palladium and traces of various other minerals.
Common source : only source Colorado, USA (other very similar materials are available and are known as shaman stones or mochi marbles)
Astrological associations: Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Taurus
Chakra: base  [all chakras in pairs]
Crystal qualities: energy blocks, energy, aura, grounding, communication with animals, tissue regeneration, pain, speeds recovery. Boji Stones Pairs - align the body's energies and balance all the chakras. This has the effect of energising, centring and grounding the physical body, mind and spirit together, feeling like a rush of energy through the body.

One pair of Boji Sones, one male and one female. Size approximately 1.5 - 2.5cm. Generic photograph, the items you receive will be similar to those in the photograph. You will receive two Boji stones.

Cleaning Boji Stones... It is best to clean them with a soft brush or evaporating solvent (take normal precautions). Avoid water. To cleanse use incense such as frankincense or sandalwood or smudge stick.

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