Kyanite crystal

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Kyanite crystal, natural kyanite blades approx 3.5 - 6 cm long. Good blue colour with some pale blue and/or white. Source Brazil. Generic photograph. Kyanite crystals sold individually

Blade type crystals
Common source: Brazil
Astrological associations: Taurus, Libra, Aries
Chakra: Throat
Crystal Qualities: Crystal Healers believe kyanite helps you 'talk your talk' and say the things that you really need to say. Communication and everything to do with the throat chakra is enhanced. Kyanite can be especially beneficial for the Singing Voice. Kyanite promotes Tranquillity, Calm, Aligns Chakras, Perseverance, Reason, getting started in meditation, Connection with Spirit Guides, Dream Recall and Understanding, Yin/yang, mind, Attunements and Sacred Ceremony, Psychic Awareness, Mental Stamina, Energy Blocks.

Kyanite crystal, natural kyanite blades, kyanite

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