Workshops with Philip Permutt

Workshops with Philip Permutt

Crystal and Crystal Healing Courses, workshops, talks & lectures & meditation classes & workshops with Philip Permutt
Philip Permutt has been teaching crystal healing for around 25 years. He is described as "Britain's leading crystal expert" (Daily Mail). His certified Crystal Course is taught over 4 levels from Level 1, through Practitioners and Advanced Practitioner's up to Master Teacher. He also teaches various crystal workshops including his brand new Crystal Grids Workshop, Crystal Tarot Workshop and other crystal subjects.

Philip teaches Taoist Meditation and Learn to Teach Meditation Master Class which is an eclectic weekend class ideal for those wanting to run their own meditation groups or using meditation in other courses they already teach such as Reiki Masters, Yoga Teachers etc..

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New Crystal Retreat Scotland March 15 - 17 2024

Crystal Retreat Scotland March 15th - 17th 2024 Featuring Philip Permutt Crystal Connections, Skulls, Grids, Lemurians, Unicorns and Angels

From £40.00 / package(s) *

Crystal Healing L4 Crystal Healing Master Teacher 23/24 March

Crystal Healing Level 4 Crystal Master Teacher's Course with Philip Permutt & Nicci Roscoe March 23/24 £795 St Albans

£825.00 *
In stock

Reiki Workshop by CD Philip Permutt

Reiki Workshop CD by Philip Permutt Home workshops for yourself or with friends. Introductory guide to Reiki with exercises and meditations.

£4.99 *
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Crystal Healing L2 Practitioners Course Philip Permutt April 13/14

Crystal Healing Level 2 Practitioners Course Philip Permutt "Britain's leading crystal expert" (D. Mail) April 13th and 14th

£375.00 *
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Crystal Healing L3 Advanced Practitioner Course March 2/3

Crystal Healing Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Course with Philip Permutt & Nicci Roscoe March 2nd & 3rd

£375.00 *
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Crystal Healing Level 1 Philip & Nicci April 6/7 St Albans

Crystal Healing Level 1 Philip Permutt & Nicci Roscoe NOW IN IT'S 31st YEAR! £255 April 6th and 7th St Albans

£275.00 *
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