The Little Taoist Meditation Album Philip Permutt CD

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The Little Taoist Meditation Album Philip Permutt (CD) Click here if you would prefer the Download

The Little Taoist Meditation Album 10 minute meditations by Philip Permutt

Words and music by Philip Permutt: Crystal singing bowls, tingsha, voice

Recorded by Jez Nash at University of West London Recoding Studios

Artwork designed by Brown Creative

Binaural recording of all crystal singing bowls. Listen through good quality headphones or surround sound system for the best listening experience.

Track List

1. Microcosm (running time 9.47)

2. Diamond Mind (running time 9.26)

3. Golden Mansion (running time 9.55)

4. Ocean of Power (running time 9.20)

5. Macrocosm (running time 9.44)

6. Connection (running time 21.46)

The Little Meditation concept was created by Philip Permutt to make meditation accessible to everyone. On this album Philip brings you six meditations based on traditional Taoist meditations with a twist. Microcosm (track 1) is based on the traditional Taoist microcosmic orbit. Diamond Mind, Golden Mansion and Ocean of Power (tracks 2,3 and 4) focus on the three tantiens, centres of energy. Taoist thought suggests we should have a clear mind, open heart and centred inner power. Macrocosm (track 5) is based on the Taoist macrocosmic orbit. Connection (track 6) brings the whole process together and connects you to the Tao. The breathing techniques throughout this album use purely naturally relaxed breaths.

Tao and Taoist are sometimes spelt (and always pronounced) Dao or Dow and Daoist or Dowist

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