Lepidolite crystal heart - lepidolite puff heart

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Lepidolite crystal heart - lepidolite puff heart approximately 3 - 3.5cm. Generic photograph, the lepidolite crystal heart you receive will be similar to those in the photographs but please remember that like all our natural products lepidolite crystal is a naural material that naturally varies in shade, patterning and inclusions. These variations add to the individuality of each piece and are not faults.

Masses, layered plates of mica crystals that can appear like books, short prismatic and tabular crystals in a variety of colours including; lavender (pink to purple), yellow, grey, colourless and white.
Common source: Brazil,
Astrological associations; Libra
Chakra; heart, brow
Lepidolite crystal qualities; Crystal Healers believe Lepidolite helps learning/studying, awareness, stress and related conditions, depression, transition including death/dying but not limited to this, change, addictions, addictive personalities, astral travel, birth, re-birth, distrusting, calming, abundant crops, digestion of ideas, wrinkles (elixir).

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