Quartz crystal ball 10 - Massive Crystal Ball!

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Quartz crystal ball 10 - Massive Crystal Ball! Crystal balls have been used for thousands of years for divination and healing. This large crystal ball is filled with interesting reflections of light and rainbows inside. Perfect for scrying, meditation, healing etc. Approx 15 cm in size. An excellent example of a large quartz crystal ball.

Crystal balls/spheres
Energy comes out of a crystal ball in all directions. If a crystal ball is more than 35mm in size it is very probably hand-made. The person who has made it has an intent and the love for that crystal.
Ancient Greeks  Doctors used quartz for quarterising wounds. First medical use recorded. Quarterising focuses light - acts like a magnifying glass and quarterises wounds (heats by burning wounds and kills bacteria - painful - but saves lives)
Collection  has crystal balls (2,000) dating back 7,000 years. Using a microscope it is possible to tell the date from the surface as one can see the markings made by various tools used to carve and polish the crystal ball.

Ways of working with crystal balls:
Scrying  seeing images, promoting thoughts and feelings, seeing into the future, divination.
Sit quietly and focus yourself. Focus into the crystal ball. Allow images, thoughts and feelings to come to you. It helps if you focus on one point until you get used to the reflections and refractions of light.
Meditation  a point focus.
Sit quietly, relax and centre yourself. Look firstly at the surface of the crystal ball and slowly allow yourself to be drawn inside. Keep your focus on the crystal ball. If your mind wonders, just accept that it has and focus again on the crystal ball. Any images, thoughts or feelings that arise, allow to pass and return your focus to the crystal.
Space clearing for living room, office, therapy room etc
Place crystal ball in middle of room or somewhere convenient with the intention that it will pick up any negavive energy in the room. Cleanse the crystal ball regularly regularly.
Some people find it difficult to 'close the office door behind them'. Try sitting quietly and slowing your mind down by simply looking at the crystal ball. Focus your mind on one issue, thing, person etc. you are concerned about. 'Watch' this thought float from your mind (brow chakra) into the crystal ball and disappear inside it. Focus your mind on the next concern and keep repeating this process until your mind is clear and still. Cleanse the crystal ball afterwards.
Distant Healing
Focus on the crystal ball with thoughts of love or healing to a specific person or place in the world or even a situation. This sends healing energy in all directions from the crystal ball.
Earth healing
In this case the crystal ball represents earth and sending your healing thoughts as above through the crystal ball sends healing to the planet.

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