Blue Chalcedony 8mm Power Bracelet

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Blue Chalcedony 8mm Power Bracelet Blue Chalcedony 8mm bead bracelet generic photograph you will receive a blue chalcedony bracelet similar to the one in the photograph.

Nurturing Blue Chalcedony promotes peace and understanding 
Birthstone Cancer
Planet Moon
Element Water
Chakra Throat

Wear Blue Chalcedony:

1. to help you lose weight
2. to balance male and female energies
3. to improve telepathic link with another person (they should also wear one)
4. to relieve stress
5. Wear a blue chalcedony bracelet on your left wrist to help you stop worrying excessively; wear the blue chalcedony bracelet on your right wrist to release trauma

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Prices incl. VAT, local (UK) taxes, excludes delivery

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