Angel aura quartz crystal 08

Angel aura quartz crystal 08

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Angel aura quartz crystal 08
These are truly amazing individual rainbow crystal clusters. Approximate size 7 x 4.5 cm. The photograph is of the actual angel aura quartz crystal you are buying.

Angel aura quartz
Quartz crystal bonded with platinum and silver.
Common alternate names; opal aura quartz
Common source: USA (from Arkansas or Brazilian quartz)
Astrological associations; all
Chakra; all
Healing qualities; Angels and the angelic realmsconnect to Angelic realmsaura, protection, karma, akashic records, nurture, empathy, caring professions, love, peace, harmony, keeps you well.

Angel aura quartz crystal, Angels, connect to Angelic realms, rainbow crystal, rainbow quartz, platinum quartz, opal aura quartz

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