Tektite crystal small specimen

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Tektite crystal small specimen Approx size 1 - 2.5 cm. Genuine space rock material from meteorite impact. Source China. Genuine tektite from meteor impact

Meteoritic glass created from the immense heat of a meteorite impact with the earth. The heat is so intense that both the meteorite and the earth's surface are melted and tektite is formed as this mixture of space rock and earth cool together; these are black in colour
Astrological associations; Aries, Cancer
Chakra; crown
Crystal qualities; Crystal Healers believe tektite is good for yin/yang, fertility (ideas), abundance, reasoning, telepathy, psychic surgery, meditation (starting and peak experience), contact with other worlds.

Tektite crystal, meteorite, meteor, genuine tektite, tecktite, space rock, Meteoritic glass

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