Amazonite crystals

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Amazonite crystals
Approx size 3 cm, green (with white lines), opaque crystal. Source Russia. Natural amazonite

Green, usually opaque, variety of Microcline (variety of feldspar), forming crystals and masses. Colour varies from yellow-green to blue-green.
Common alternate names; Amazon Jade, Amazon Stone.
Common source - Brazil, Russia, USA.
Astrological associations; Virgo
Chakra; Heart
Crystal Qualities; Crystal healers believe that amazonite can help with soothing and calming, nerves, nervousness, stress. Amazonite boosts the aura and creativity. It gives a strong heart and is good for a troubled mind. Amazonite is a 'Feel Better Stone'.

Amazonite crystal, amazonite stone, natural amazonite, microline, feldspar

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