Violet Flame Opal, Purple Ray Opal AAA

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Violet Flame Opal, Purple Ray Opal AAA quality Size large - extra large 3 - 4cm
White and violet purple to lilac and blue – common opal (no fire)
Common alternate names: violet flame opal, Mexican purple opal
Common source: Mexico
Astrological association: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Aries
Chakra: crown
Healing qualities: Crystal healers believe purple ray opal brings gentle release and transformation
Physical: fertility, digestive system, absorption of nutrients, immune system, temperature control, fever, hypothermia, hair loss, eyes, eyesight, EMF, pancreas, diabetes, taste,
Emotional: easing changes that could be traumatic, trauma, shock, connection to spirit, mediumship, angels, spirit guides, helpers and totem animals. Transforming painful emotions and hurts such as anger and fear into positive feelings and actions like love and compassion. Heals the aura and protects your energy acting as a protective shield allowing you to create effective personal boundaries. Awareness, spiritual strength, digestion of new ideas and concepts, visions.

Violet Flame Opal, Purple Ray Opal, Mexican purple opal, Mexican blue opal, Mexico opal

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