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Blue Barite Crystal

Blue BariteBaryte_01a_mini
These amazing blue barite crystals are like "angel wings". Although barite is found worldwide and is not unusual, the blue crystals are very rare and are only found in a few places in the world. Ours come from Morocco.

Barite Mineral Properties
Baryte_09miniBarite forms tabular crystals in many colours including blue, white, grey, yellow, brown and can also be colourless. It can also form layered "plates" and fibrous masses and rarely a desert rose barite crystal formation. Common alternate names include barytes, baryte and barytine.
Astrologically barite is associated with the star sign Aquarius. It resonates with the throat chakra.

Healing qualities of barite
Barite gives you a "go for it!" attitude where everything becomes possible. It promotes friendship, harmony and love and can give you a deep insight into relationships. Blue Barite crystals also help catharsis, the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. It can help you overcome shyness. It is good for eyesight and helping you to “see” answers and promotes alternative ways of looking at a problem or issue. Barite is an excellent crystal for alternative and complimentary therapists. Barite is also a great detox crystal and is helpful when recovering from addiction. Blue Barite works exceptionally well on the throat chakra and promotes communication of ideas and thoughts, gives a spiritual connection or direction and helps you find your spiritual path though life.

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