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Philip Permutt's musings on crystals, crystal healing, life, the universe and everything all contained in one simple blog. Although Philip writes extensively in his books on crystal healing, his Take a Break's Fate & Fortune Crystal Clinic with Philip Permutt monthly column and other magazine articles he still occasionally finds time to write things here!

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Full Moon

The night of Wednesday 19th January...
I didn't sleep at all. And the weird thing is that several other people have mentioned that they had a bit of a time with the full moon too. Then two other facts were rammed into my consciousness. Firstly it was the first full moon of 2011 and secondly that it wasn't just my energy aware friends who were noticing their reactions but some neighbours and friends who do not usually comment on these esoteric matters at all. One person emailed that they were leaving their dream research for another time and another asking which crystals they could carry to calm them down and help them cope. Well if you're suffering with the full moon try carrying or wearing aquamarine, moonstone, tourmaline or rose quartz to help balance the effects of the full moon and ruby to enhance the shifting energy for your benefit. Or you can place any or all of these crystals under your pillow at night.

 I noticed that this first full moon in 2011 has affected so many people, that something just has to be happening. One friend suggests that we are entering exciting times and the beginnings of energy shifts in so many people are a sign of this. I think these shifts have been occurring for a while and that more and more people are beginning to be aware of this reality. But it doesn't matter which way round you look at these events; more people are raising their consciousness to a higher level.

For more information on important 2011 dates click this link and scroll to January 2011 and  January 2011 update
News - new shipments - new workshops

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New Crystals - Lemurian Onyx - Aquatine Lemurian Calcite

Recently I was sent two tumbled crystals by a friend and customer of mine, Helen. She's selling them in her shop and, as she hadn't heard of them, wondered if I had and what they may help with. I'd never come across them either, but they are really interesting crystals. I feel they are more calcite than onyx, but they seem to have a sort of opalescence feel too.
They are very calming in line with aquamarine and connecting with the throat, though I feel they are pulling down towards the heart. Maybe that’s just me? I know Helen suggested they went from her throat up towards the brow. I see them as very positive and looking towards the future and emotionally clearing and calming. Really an emotional chill out. Perhaps they can help us express what’s in our hearts. Dreaming, goals, ideas and how to achieve are all suggested to me. There's a boost to psychic abilities too.
It has also been suggested that there is a link to past lives. Others say it is a "strong antidote to stress, fear, worry and anxiety about the future" but that's just the calming, emotional chilly-outy stuff I mentioned above.
They are also known as Aquatine Lemurian Calcite and blue onyx. And as always this is where it all becomes confusing... They may come from Argentina or Pakistan. They may be calcite or onyx. I think there may be two very different materials that are around and it is the calcite from Argentina that I have in front of me and am talking about.
They are definately worth a look and feel and please share with us your experiences if you have this crystal already or if you buy some.
Thanks to Helen for gifting these crystals to me. She has some tumbled crystals in stock in her shop in Buckinghamshire. Contact Helen at...
Crystal Serenity
1 Friar Cottage
Market Square
Princes Risborough
HP27 0AN
Telephone: 01844 342255
Mobile: 07980 612 764

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Crystal Writing

Many people ask about crystals that I personally work with. I'm always wary of this question because we are all drawn to the crystals we each need at any point in time. However, when I'm writing my trusty citrine is never far away. Other crystals will come and go. Just now I'm also having help from a Tibetan quartz crystal with some black hematite inclusions and a quartz crystal with silver tourmaline inside. Each of these bring something to the way I write.

The citrine has been with me for many years, ever since I started writing - probably about 1993. Here are some more thoughts on citrine from my book The Little Book of Crystal Tips & Cures
Pick yourself up with the positive energy of yellow crystals
Birthstone Gemini
Planet Mercury
Element air
Chakra solar plexus
Citrine is known as the “money stone” so put a piece in your purse or wallet to bring you abundance and wealth
Keep citrine at work to boost your creativity Wear citrine when you are low to make you feel brighter
Put citrine in your bedroom to enhance your relationships
Hold citrine to prevent nausea and stomach ache
Selling a house? Place citrine crystals in every room to speed the sale

And Tibetan quartz
Tibetan quartz
Quartz from the “Roof of the World”
Birthstone all star signs
Planet all planets
Element all elements
Chakra all chakras
If you have a tendency to rattle on, hold Tibetan quartz whilst you are talking to help you get to the point
Meditate with Tibetan quartz to bring you a deeper spiritual connection
Wearing Tibetan quartz can stimulate your chi helping you to feel great
Keep negativity away by placing Tibetan quartz by your bed
Carry Tibetan quartz to promote weight loss

My next book, currently being co-written with my wife, shows interesting links between us. With crystals, although I have recently brought my Tibetan quartz crystal to my writing - Lyn has had her own Tibetan quartz crystal by her for years when she writes. Perhaps the two are linking together to help our joint project.

The silver tourmaline is another very special crystal that has been with me for years. It has helped me through some traumatic times and I feel it now wants to join in with some of the fun!

More about the new book in due course.

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The kids of today

My parents used this phrase over and over "The kids of today!" Well I'm NOT going to use it. The kids of today (oops!) have so many pressures that we just didn't have. Everything is so important and dangerous and vital-to-the-image. They have to talk right (yoof-speak) and look right and act right. There are several things that can help them on their way... Crystals for kids...
Children and young people naturally respond very well to crystal healing. They are intuitive, and their senses have not been blocked by the social restrictions that we have learned as adults. Let them handle and play with smooth tumble polished crystals. Have larger display pieces around in their bedrooms and play areas (out of reach for very young children). These can be both beneficial and beautiful. Invent activities such as creating pictures or sculpts with crystals and give them a large variety of crystals to choose from. Allow them to wear crystals as jewellery and carry them in their pockets and school bags. Crystals often have a very quick effect on children.

Try these specific crystals for each specific situation or ailment common to the kids of today.
Crystals for kids
Acne – amethyst, amber, jade or selenite
Allergies – petrified wood, topaz, turquoise or zircon
Autism – charoite, sodalite or sugilite
Babies, physical development of – place chrysocolla, dioptase, rhodochrosite or sodalite in or under their cot.
Belching – beryl
Bullying - tourmaline
Colds and flu – carnelian, jasper, rose quartz, topaz
Colic – citrine
Confidence – hemimorphite, hematite, falcon’s eye, carnelian, moonstone, jade, dumortierite, sugilite and tourmaline are all confidence boosters.
Exams – fluorite, quartz crystal
Getting along with siblings – celestite or rose quartz
Growth, in children – carry or wear emerald or pietersite to promote healthy physical development.
Healthy physical development - chrysocolla
Homework/school work/ study– aventurine and amazonite
Hyperactivity – calcite
Insomnia - malachite
Learning Difficulties – keep sugilite around the child, in or under their bed and anywhere they spend a lot of time.
Nightmares - celestite
Stress - topaz

Also for teenagers try workshop CDs that they can do at home, either by themselves or with their friends such as Crystal Workshop or Teen witch Workshop Click here for a full list of our workshop CDs

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Radio Waves

I'm on the radio Wednesday 6pm (UK time) in Seattle, USA with award-winning host, Dr. Pat Baccili on the Wednesday October 13th show at 6 pm (UK time) on KKNW AM1150 in Seattle. If you want to listen you can connect via website at or via KKNW at KKNW AM 1150 Seattle #1 Alternative Talk . I'll be talking about crystals, tarot, meditation, life, the universe and everything... oh, I almost forgot to mention, my new book and card set The Crystal Tarot click this link for details

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Walking with Merlyn Llewellyn's latest album

Llewellyn's latest album Walking with Merlyn has just been released and we've already sold out!! I've just listened to my copy and it's superb. Both magical and mystical; full of atmosphere - a perfect way to start the weekend. It makes excellent listening and would be suitable for the more adventurous therapist as background music to your treatments.

If you haven't ordered yours yet don't worry because more are on the way and should be here early next week. There's a special discount coupon for this album. Just enter the code MERLYN at the checkout and save £4 but it's only valid until Tuesday so order now!


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Green Calcite

Green calcite
Green crystals help you unwind relieving the pressures and strains of life
Birthstone Cancer
Planet Moon
Element water
Chakra heart
Carry or wear green calcite to help prevent infections
Place green calcite around you to calm your emotions
Keep green calcite with you and hold it when you feel panicky
If other people laugh at your expense let the energies of green calcite help you cope and not take offence
Hold green calcite to relive stress
Put green calcite on your bedside table to help you relax at night

From The Little Book of Crystal Tips & Cures

Link to green calcite crystals with more information.

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A New Way


We had a fantastic last two weeks at the shop before we closed and have now moved 100% online. The website is proving as popular as ever with many of our local customers now finding us online too. We still have one of the largest retail stocks of crystals in the UK so if you don't see what you're looking for on the website just send us an email, we've probably got it in stock.

We are adding more and more to the site almost daily and we have started to list the hundreds of crystals, books, CDs etc which will eventually be listed on ebay over the next few weeks. We list on ebay under the user name mineralman42. visit ebay

We're sorry but we are just not set up now for personal callers and the best way to contact us is by email. We can also take telephone orders too. 

Another amazing event was the launch of Philip's latest book, The Crystal Tarot. This is a full 78 card tarot pack with illustrated book. CrystalTarot_packshot_400.jpg
Link to The Crystal Tarot by Philip Permutt

In The Crystal Tarot, the mysterious imagery of tarot and the beauty and power of crystals intertwine to give unique insights into our lives. Crystals, like tarot cards, have for centuries been used for healing and divination. In this boxed set, each card image shows a crystal, along with a traditional tarot image, which enhances its meaning. The High Priestess card, for instance, shows the lapis lazuli crystal, which links with her tarot meaning of spiritual truth and intuition - she guides us to listen to the voice of our true selves. Accompanied by a book by author and crystal healer Philip Permutt showing how to lay out the cards for a reading, tarot aficionados will fall in love with the beguiling images, while novice readers will find it an irresistible first deck. The specially commissioned illustrations are by Emma Garner, artist of the bestselling "Art of Tarot". They beautifully blend traditional tarot imagery with crystals: the Sun card has a sun of topaz, and the World card shows the traditional world dancer holding wands of quartz.

Join us on the next step along the path, visit the website or see us on ebay with mineralman42. You can keep up to date with what's happening here with Philip's crystal blog or Philip Permutt on facebook too.


Please forward this to your friends who may also be interested.


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In 1993 I opened iSiS the first crystal shop and alternative healing centre in the UK in St Albans. Then it was described as the Crystal Reiki Healing Centre which is still above the door. In 1995 I moved iSiS to Market Place in St Albans and since the beginning have always strived to help people on their own unique individual path, wherever it may have taken them. Those of you who know me know I have a passion for crystals which is brought out in my books and CDs and I've also worked with many other alternative ideas and therapies too.

Here are some iSiS numbers to conjure with...

17 years
Over 100 tons of crystals - that's 100,000kgs!! Every one of which I've personally lifted several times!!
Including all the individual tumble stones that could be as many as 10,000,000 (ten million) crystals
Over 20,000 one to one clients have had treatments with our therapists
3,400 people have attended ongoing courses or classes, more than 10,000 attended workshops - many of which have led to professional qualifications and as a result there are thousands of therapists and hundreds of teachers who have qualified through iSiS out there doing their thing.
Over 10,000 people have enjoyed our Monday evening talks and workshops over the years. Some people have met each other on Monday nights and several have gone on to marry having met their soul mate at iSiS. 

From the time at "Little iSiS" in Catherine Street, through our 5 store expansion up until my illness last year iSiS in all her guises has survived and prospered and it was a joy to see such a wonderful and clean end over last weekend when we closed the store. Although I couldn't be there myself, my wife led the team brilliantly.

On Wednesday I was taken to the shop so I could personally hand the keys over and close the shop doors for the last time. It was an emotional experience, closing 17 years of my life. But I left with a happy smile focused on a healthy future because, after my recent experiences, my outlook on life has changed. Things that were once vitally important are now irrelevant and simple things are beautiful again. 

The past few days have been spent starting to sort out everything. The stock for the website, picking and packing orders, and shredding the mountain of paperwork that came out of iSiS. My wife's been doing most of this as I'm just not up to doing anything much yet. And of course some of my crystal friends have helped me on the way too...

I found a ruby crystal on Monday that gave me strength and energy to flow through it all and a citrine crystal which as well as bringing energy, helps with my physical healing and brought great abundance from a visit from a wholesaler friend of mine :-) 

As we started to sort everything out at home on Thursday, my wife gave me a heart shaped strawberry quartz tumble stone which has helped to channel away the excess and attached energy of iSiS which is no longer in my life whilst still being able to hold on to the love and being thankful for all that I have received from her for all these years. Strawberry quartz has this great ability to take away the energies we no longer need in our lives. I found a quartz crystal that must have been with me for many, many years without me even knowing as it was amongst crystals from our treasure chest that had spilt behind it when it was put in place. This quartz crystal has helped bring clarity to my thoughts...

Just a thought... this used to be the introduction to my editorial in The Dawning for many years, 60 issues, from a photocopied sheet of A4 paper to 10,000 copies of the magazine... anyway the thought that I was just having is how remarkable I found the peace of not being responsible for everything on Thursday. Not being responsible for the building and alarms, for the staff and their jobs and their welfare and their well-being, for all the clients, therapists, psychics and customers that come into my life daily. Even when I'm not there, as I haven't been for so long, the weight of responsibility is both heavy and unnoticed. Like a lead yolk on my shoulders and a feather floating through the universe at exactly the same moment...



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isis shop closing - last weekend

Last weekend at iSiS. We're open today till 5.30ish and tomorrow till 5ish. Sorry I can't be there as I'm not well enough but thanks for all your support. THERE IS 50% OFF ALMOST EVERYTHING TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY. LAST 2 DAYS.

Click here for address and map

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