Connecting with The Ancestors Philip Permutt Oct 23rd

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Connecting with The Ancestors Philip Permutt October 23rd Wednesday daytime 11am - 2pm
"It feels like the spirits from an ancient time fill the room and dance with joy" - Clare, London

Discover meet and connect with your ancestors through the power of crystals

"I feel peaceful, it's like going back to the source and getting something I can't explain" - Sue, Watford

Connecting with the Ancestors with Crystals with Philip Permutt "Britain's leading crystal expert" - Daily Mail We will be working with our crystal allies to help us meet and connect with our ancestors and discover their messages for today.
Our Ancestors are behind us in everything we do. Family, guides, spirits, the Earth, and our Crystal Ancestors – some of the oldest living beings on the planet. Learn how to connect and tap in to the wealth of knowledge and wisdom they hold. Recall your past, maybe past lives, and experience deep healing of past wounds whether in this life or a past life. You will be working with crystals to help you identify and break repeated pattens that are holding you back so you can step into your own unique and wonderful power.

"Not as scary as I thought it was just lovely experiencing everything" - Iren, Borehamwood

"I had a great time I've always known, but never really seen, experiencing something was very different to anything I do in my daily life" - Gizem, St Albans

"I definitely want to do this again" - Claire, Royston

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