Crystal Retreat Scotland March 21 - 23 2025

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Crystal Retreat Scotland March 21 - 23 2025 Featuring Philip Permutt Crystal Healing, Everday Living, Ancestors, Letting Go, Dragons, Higher Chakras

"I thought it was going to be difficult flying in from New Zealand for the retreat but the group welcomed me and I had such a powerful experience!" - Elaine

Spend this powerful weekend of connection, healing, transformation, and crystals with 4 Crystal Master Teachers!! Featuring internationally acclaimed crystal author and teacher Philip Permutt, with his Scotland based Crystal Master Teachers Lisa Kimber, Caroline Swinburne, and Jules Davidson.

"My pain's gone!" Sam (Peebles) - "I've never done this before and I've really loved it!" Sally (Halifax)

"It's like a release of everything that's been going on in my head" Sheila (Scotland) 

*** 10 events! ***

Welcome, Meet and Greet, Opening Ceremony and Group Healing,Crystal Meditation and creating a special Crystal Grid for the weekend
Gentle Chi Kung Meditation and Movement
Dragon Energy Crystal Connection
Crystals for Everyday Living
Cleansing, Protecting, and Letting Go with Crystals
Crystal Sonic Energy Realignment
Discover a Higher Love with Crystals
A Journey of Rainbow Healing
Connecting with the Ancestors with Crystals
Closing Ceremony

"I really enjoyed it! The whole weekend flowed and gave me the time and space to start trusting my intuition again" Lynne (East Kilbride)

PLUS Amazing Crystals for Sale all weekend!!*** Saturday Night Group Dinner***

All in the fabulous Barony Castle Hotel in Peebles. *Prices EXCLUDE accomodation. Full day/weekend prices include refreshments and lunch. Special Room, Bed & Breakfast Discount available booking with the hotel directly.

"I've Learned so much and met lovely new people" Sheila (Scotland)

"I really enjoyed it! A great way of deepening my work with crystals" Lisa (Bathgate)

Crystal Retreat Scotland 2025 Programme - "It's like crystal skull brain surgery!" Caroline (East Kilbride)

Welcome event with Philip, Lisa, Caroline, and Jules
Opening the Crystal Grid Ceremony with Philip, Lisa, Caroline, and Jules
Crystal Meditation with Philip
Group Healing with Lisa and Philip
Group Healing
- With the intention of preparing your energy for the weekend ahead Lisa and Philip will take you on a healing journey working with crystals, singing bowls and Karuna Reiki ® to give you a whole body healing and allow you to settle into the weekend.

Karuna means compassionate action and is a unique form of Reiki where symbols are chanted and toned out loud as well as channelled in the normal way to facilitate healing. Karuna Reiki ® works gently yet powerfully. It has a deeply loving energy and it a unique way of experiencing Reiki.

Chi Kung with Philip

Start the day with a gentle moving meditation to help your energy flow. Chi Kung (also known as Qi Gong) is an ancient Taoist form of "energy work"

Dragon Energy Crystal Connection with Caroline Swinburne
Dragon healing is a holistic practice rooted in ancient mythology, harnessing the mythical energy of dragons for spiritual and physical well-being. This practice taps into the archetype of the dragon, symbolizing power, wisdom, and protection. Through visualization, meditation, and intention, practitioners connect with the elemental energies associated with dragons, fostering empowerment and inner strength. Dragon healing can facilitate emotional release, physical healing, and spiritual growth by clearing energetic blockages and promoting balance. Additionally, working with dragon energy may enhance intuition, creativity, and manifestation abilities. Ultimately, Dragon healing provides a potent pathway for self-discovery, transformation, and alignment with one's true essence and purpose.

Crystals for Everyday Living Workshop with Philip Permutt
This brand new crystal workshop is based on Philip's latest best-selling book, Crystals for Everday Living. Discover how crystals can help you with all the everyday things that happen and sometimes challenge us in life. Tap into their amazing crystal wisdom to find answers and see how easy it is to incorporate the magic of crystals to enhance your everyday life.

"Quite amazing really. I'm surprised how meaning comes to the crystals, the colour, shape, energy - I don't know, I'm stunned! I'm just Stunned!" Christina (Hemel Hempstead).

This amazing brand new crystal workshop links in with Philip's latest book Crystals for Everyday Living (published Octiber 2024) and gives you simple ways to make the power and energy of crystals work for you every day. It helps you to truly connect with crystals, their energy, and their healing for all the little things in life as well as major life-changing events that happen to all of us, or people around us, at some time or other. We will be working through practical exercises discovering ways crystals can help you at home, at work, and at play. You will be amazed how easy it is for crystals to help you on many levels with a little guidance from Crystal author, Master Teacher and healer Philip Permutt.

Cleansing, Protecting, and Letting Go with Crystals with Philip Permutt
Another of Philip's NEW workshops Learn why it is so important to cleanse and protect yourself, and NOT just when you're working with crystals and other spiritual tools or treating clients, but each and everyday as we exchange energy with everything around us and pick up other's good and bad feelings! How these unwanted energies affect us and how to deal with them in a crystal way and let go of all the negative energetic impacts that have affected our lives, from birth to today.

Perfect for crystal lovers of all levels, it will be an event you don't want to miss.

Crystal Sonic Realignment with Ian & Paula McFadyen
Crystal Sonic Energy Realignment is an undoubtedly a transformational experience. It is entered into with the intent for deep healing. It activates channels of Light in the mind, body and auric field, removing blockages and allowing alignment with your Soul’s purpose and deepening the Spirit Ian_McFadyento conscious awareness.
Clearing: What makes this treatment even more effective is that in in our experience we have found that many of us have picked up some extremely detrimental energy or wavelengths, which can be found in the auric field that surrounds our physical body. This can be caused by a combination of major traumas, our negative thoughts, or even from other people around us. These vertical wavelengths then penetrate our energy field and ‘set’ like concrete. This dense, fog-like energy tends to make us feel lethargic and we are unable to move forward or manifest the life we desire: often we feel heavy, uncomfortable and in constant pain. Spiritually, this makes us feel completely disconnected from Source.
During this session we will test to see whether this energy is present and if so, remove it. This will make you feel lighter and clearer and, as many previous clients have found, the ability to manifest the life you want will come easier and life will flow better - in one single session.
Ian_McFadyen_2Re-balancing: Next, we will work on repairing your energy field and rebalancing your sacred chakra centres. We will then measure your personal wavelength in order to ascertain that the application of crystals or any bioenergetic procedures will be beneficial so as to enhance your wellbeing. The appropriate crystals are tailored to your specific needs, and are carefully tested so as to increase your vibration. A powerful quartz grid is laid around you in order to amplify the crystal healing process.
Sacred sound: The purity of sacred crystal sound and vibrational energies will fill the healing space to help you to connect with your higher self and personal guides. The healing will occur on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The magic of resonance and purity of crystals working together will enable you to attain the deep state of Theta. Thus, enabling the removal of blockages in the physical body, the chakras, and auric field; allowing chi to flow unhindered through the body’s meridians and returning your body to its highest form of Source frequency.
This healing ceremony is unique to you; a fusion of diverse, ancient shamanic cultures, such as Tibetan, Northern American, and is underpinned by Egyptian, Atlantian and Lemurian energies and also the timeless spiritual wisdom of our Guides, Angels and spirit helpers.


Discover a Higher Love with Crystals with Jules Davidson

Step into a world of wonder and possibility as you embark on a journey to discover a higher love with crystals. For those new to the realm of energy healing and crystal therapy, the concept of higher chakras may spark curiosity and intrigue. You see, beyond the traditional seven chakras that most are familiar with, there exists a realm of higher consciousness waiting to be explored. These higher chakras, often referred to as the eighth through the fourteenth chakras, open doors to profound spiritual experiences and deeper connections with the universe.

Imagine a reality where you are not just a physical being, but a luminous being of light, vibrating with the energy of the cosmos. This is the essence of working with higher chakras and corresponding crystals – tapping into the divine frequencies that reside within and around us.

In this session, we invite you to engage in a practical exercise that will illuminate the pathways to your higher chakras and awaken dormant aspects of your soul. Through the power of intention, breath, and crystal resonance, you will be guided on a journey of self-discovery and expansion.

As we gather in pairs to embark on this sacred exploration, allow yourself to surrender to the flow of energy and the wisdom of the crystals. Whether seated comfortably in a chair or engaged in a hands-on experience, the magic of this journey knows no bounds.

Picture yourself holding a shimmering crystal in your hand, feeling its energy pulsating with the rhythm of the universe. With each breath, you draw in the essence of the crystal, allowing it to merge with your own energetic field. As you attune to the higher vibrations of the crystal, you feel a sense of peace, clarity, and divine connection wash over you.

Together, we will journey through the seven higher chakras, each one a gateway to higher states of consciousness and spiritual awakening. From the eighth chakra, known as the Soul Star, to the fourteenth chakra, the Gateway to Source, we will explore the limitless potential of our soul's evolution.

At the conclusion of our session, you will receive a quick summary and overview of the experiences shared, along with a handout containing additional information and resources for further exploration. Whether you are just beginning your journey or are already well-versed in the mysteries of the chakras, there is always more to discover, more to learn, and more to love.

So, are you ready to awaken to a Higher Love with crystals? Join us on this extraordinary adventure and let the magic unfold. Your soul is calling – will you answer?

A Journey of Rainbow Healing with Philip Permutt
Discover your chakras as you've never seen them before! A Rainbow Journey of self discovery and healing through your energy system. An amazing trip through your energy centres!

"For me it felt like coming home" (Shan, St Albans)

Find out why you react in certain ways, uncover your energy weaknesses and release powerful strengths that you can use to maximise your natural talents and abilities. Working with crystals to energise and activate your energy hot spots, your chakras - you will unearth a whole new re-energised you! Working with crystals and colour vibrations to focus and enhance your personal understanding of the Chakra System and your own healing. We'll investigate the health of each of your chakras and discover how to balance each chakra for a healthy life.

Understand the science behind the chakras and how the the chakra system is a perfect example of some of the principles of quantum physics.

Connecting with the Ancestors with Crystals with Philip Permutt
Our Ancestors are behind us in everything we do. Family, guides, spirits, the Earth, and our Crystal Ancestors - some of the oldest living beings on the planet. Learn how to connect and tap in to the wealth of knowledge and wisdom they hold. Recall your past, maybe past lives, and experience deep healing of past wounds whether in this life or pervious lives. You will be working with crystals to help you identify and break repeated pattens that are holing you back so you can step into your own unique and wonderful power.

Life affirming - life changing - living life to the full.

Closing the Crystal Grid Ceremony with Philip, Lisa, Caroline, Jules

For local information please contact Lisa
Mobile 0746 2250953


Philip Permutt
Philip_PermuttPhilip Permutt is “Britain’s leading crystal expert” (Daily Mail), The Crystal Healer, a crystal healer and teacher. Described by the Daily Express as a “Bonefide crystal expert”; he is the author of the internationally acclaimed best-selling and award winning books The Crystal Healer, The Crystal Healer: Volume 2, The Modern Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing, The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing, Crystal Tips and Cures, The Modern Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing/The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing, Crystal Connections, The Book of Crystal Grids, The Crystal Tarot (book and card set), The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Tips & Cures, The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Chakra Healing, The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Healing, My Crystal Guide (children’s book with Nicci Roscoe), and Sacred Stones and Crystals (with Lyn Palmer) (all published by Cico Books). And An Introductory Guide to Meditation (Paradise Music). His books have been translated into Chinese, Estonian, Finnish, French, Polish, Spanish, and Japanese. His latest book Crystals for Everyday Living is published October 2024.

He has recorded Crystal Workshop and a dozen meditation albums including The Little Crystal Meditation Album (Paradise Music). Philip has also composed and recorded meditative and relaxing music albums Walking the Walk, Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation, Crystal Singing Bowl Dreams, and Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation #42

Philip Permutt has a degree in Applied Biology from London University. He has lectured at the University of Hertfordshire in both Crystal Healing and Alternative Pain Relief, for the Complementary Therapies for Medical Professionals Course. He has also run presentations on Crystal Healing at Brunel University and Oaklands College in the UK. He created The Crystal Healing Course and has been teaching it for over 30 years.

He is the author of many internationally acclaimed, best-selling and award winning books including The Crystal Healer, which has been used world-wide as a supplement of knowledge for energy workers.

Lisa Kimber
IMG_20210607_092559_2I'm Lisa from Golden Hands Holistics. I am a Holistic Therapist and Teacher based in Bathgate, West Lothian. I offer treatments, readings and spiritual mentoring working with Crystals, Reiki, Angels and Unicorns. I also teach Usui Holly Fire III ® Reiki and Karuna Holy Fire III ® Reiki, Crystal Healing from Beginner to Master Teacher as well as running workshops and circles. 

I started as an Angel Healing Practitioner in 2009 and have gradually added more modalities and learning since then culminating in becoming a Crystal Master Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher in 2016. I started teaching in 2018 and fell in love with this way of connecting with people. I love seeing people growing in confidence as they learn to work with crystals and find that I learn just as much when I'm running a class as my students do. I am also an Animal Reiki Practitioner.

Caroline Swinburne
Hi, I am Caroline, an intuitive Crystal and Reiki Master Teacher. I am a mum of 4 and run my own business, Transformational Holistics in East Kilbride.
Reiki and Crystals found me when I needed them most. I was going through a very difficult time in my life and these amazing modalities helped me to find my way out. I became stronger, healthier and happier. I trained as a therapist, then as a Reiki and Crystal Master Teacher.
Now I support others through therapy sessions, empower others to learn these modalities for themselves and provide business networking support for those who wish to work as practitioners.
It has been a pleasure to share my knowledge of crystals with people of all ages from 5 to 80 over the past five years and to see the transformation that crystals can bring when we work with them intentionally.

Julie Davidson (Jules)
731dfeac-b415-4ed3-89e2-13a26fdd66abMeet Jules, a vibrant soul with over 20 years of experience as a Reiki Practitioner and 13 years as a dedicated Crystal Therapist. Alongside raising two beautiful girls, she's the heart and soul behind Jules Healing Gems in Ellon, Aberdeenshire, curating exquisite crystals for over a decade. With a diverse career spanning 17 years in the oil industry, 5 years in marketing, and 5 1/2 years as a carer, Jules brings a wealth of compassion and insight to her practice. Her passion for animal rescue shines through 35 years of dedicated service. Jules radiates joy in supporting others through Reiki and Crystal Therapy sessions, as well as empowering souls through her Crystal Healing Courses. Join her on a journey of healing and transformation at Jules Healing Gems.




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