Crystal Reiki Healing Course with Philip Permutt Apr 10/11 2021 Avebury

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Crystal Reiki Healing Course with Philip Permutt
A certified two day course 10am - 4pm, cost £195 Saturday & Sunday April 10/11 2021 Avebury at The Henge Shop, Avebury, Wiltshire. Book online, by phone 07080 730750 or in person at the Henge Shop in Avebury or our Showroom in St Albans (visitors by appointment).

Crystals are the stepping-stones of the soul. Reiki is the violet energy ray that carries our spirit. When they are combined, Crystal Reiki is like hitting the healing overdrive switch! 

Discover how to work with crystals in conjunction with Reiki healing for a powerful, holistic therapy that will improve your health and quality of life.

Leading crystal expert and Reiki Master Philip Permutt has been working with Crystal Reiki Healing for over 25 years and shares how Reiki healing and crystal therapy can be combined for effective self-healing, improved wellbeing and treating others. At the simplest level, you can charge a crystal with Reiki energy and then carry it with you or give it to someone in need of support, but this groundbreaking book goes well beyond that. As well as learning how to select and prepare crystals, you will discover the intricate and effective Crystal Reiki grids that will dissolve blocked and stagnant energy, remove negative energy, such as stress, from the body and boost the body’s natural self-healing for a range of common health conditions. This is a practical hands on weekend workshop with techniques for self-healing and treating others. There is also a special attunement to this wonderful combined Crystal Reiki Healing energy.

Crystals have a natural energy which both blends with and enhances Reiki. The crystal and Reiki energies are surprisingly similar and complementary. This weekend course provides a comprehensive introduction to both crystals and Reiki. By working with crystals through the chakra system and the traditional Reiki hand positions (and symbols where appropriate) combining Reiki with crystals will enhance your practice.

This course is open to anyone as the techniques work for everyone but it is much more powerful for you when attuned to any level of Reiki from 1st Degree to Masters.

Avebury Henge Shop
The Henge Shop
High St
01672 539229

Other dates for Crystal Reiki Healing Course
September 19th/20th The Crystal Healer, St Albans, Hertfordshire
October 10th/11th The Crystal Tree, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex
TBC The Henge Shop, Avebury, Wiltshire

Philip Permutt "Britain's leading crystal expert" (Daily Mail) "Bonafide crystal expert" (Daily Express) also a Reiki Master for over quarter of a century and crystal teacher and author. His latest book Crystal Reiki Healing (published April 2020) is on sale now.

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Crystal Reiki Healing by Philip Permutt Crystal Reiki Healing by Philip Permutt
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