Exploring the Aura and Chakras Workshop May 9 Devon

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Exploring the Aura and Chakras: Your Energy System At Work with Philip Permutt May 9th  2pm - 5pm Wishes Devon, Crediton, Devon
The Aura is your first energetic contact with the universe around you. Its health and balance is vital to your wellbeing. Your chakras connect your physical body to your aura and hence the world around you. Your energy hot spots are essential to your health and happiness. Discover your aura and explore your chakras, your energy hot spots.

Wishes Devon
Kitlake Farm
Stockleigh Pomeroy
EX17 4AW
Local contacts Emms Lowe (local organiser) 07930 410302 saltwatergaia@gmail.com or Dominic and Sandie at Wishes Devon 01392 241444

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