Amethyst Crystal Point Skull 02

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Amethyst Crystal Point Skull 02 Genuine unique amethyst crystal skull carved from a single amethyst crystal. Size approx 5.5 x 8 cm. The photograph is of the actual amethyst crystal point skull you are buying.

Traditionally crystal skulls are linked with deep wisdom, knowledge and healing. Crystal skulls have been used in ceremonies, healing, energy work, and psychic development probably for thousands of years. Amethyst aids meditation and facilitates clear insight and wisdom. Amethyst crystal skulls can help you open your mind to receive intuitive guidance and enhance your psychic abilities.

Variety of quartz found as crystals or masses. Its classic purple colour is due to manganese and iron inclusions. Also found almost black (rare), purple/white banded chevron amethyst and green amethyst coloured by mineral inclusions (prasiolite).
Common source: worldwide, Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa, Madagascar, India
Astrological associations; Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn
Chakra; crown
Crystal qualities; Crystal healers believe that amethyst can help with many types of addictive behaviour, anger, good for detox, cleansing, toxins, re-energising, chastity, calms passion, emotional energy, grief, homesickness, insomnia, headaches, calming, nervousness, tension, negotiation skills, over-sensitivity, third eye, purification for ceremonies, meditation. Amethyst connects to Reiki, spirituality, spirit contact, Physical, emotional and mental balance. Aura, protection, coping with responsibility, decisions, wealth, business success, temperament, flow, moving forward in life, change, magnifies the energy of other crystals, helps relieve stress - the underlying cause of dis-ease, public speaking, bad posture, self-esteem, fight or flight response, the heart centre giving an inner strength.

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