Orange Calcite Crystal Rough

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Orange Calcite crystal rough

Masses, stalactites, scalenohedral and rhombohedral crystals.
Common colours include; green, blue, yellow, golden, orange, clear Iceland spa, white, brown, pink, red, black and grey.
Common source: world wide
Astrological associations; Cancer
Chakra; all - See specific colours Orange calcite = sacral chakra
Healing qualities; balance, emotions, over enthusiasm, fear, kidneys, pancreas, stress, spleen, yin/yang, a 'Feel Better Stone', calming, astral travel, channelling, teaching and studying especially art and science, seeing the bigger picture, bone growths, calcium deficiency. 

Orange calcite has all the general properties of calcite plus the following qualities specific to the orange variety
Orange calcite
Common source - Mexico
Astrological associations; Cancer, Leo
Chakra; Sacral
Healing qualities; Brings joy, happiness and laughter. Physically calming, boosts vitality, balances energy, reduces aggression and belligerence and promotes inspiration. 

Orange calcite crystal rough
Large size 4 - 5cm, various shapes see photograph 
bright to pale orange colour, semi-translucent - opaque
Source - Mexico
The Photograph is a generic image of the type of crystal you will receive not the actual item for sale. Orange calcite sold individually multi-buy discounts available - see below

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