Aegerine crystal

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Aegerine crystal
Metaphysical Properties- Quest of self. It is an excellent self-esteem builder-especially for women! The need for conformity is broken into a sense of self-acceptance. Personal integrity and convictions are made solid. Excellent stone for positive energy for dispersion; stimulate growth and revitalisation. Good for emotions it delineates emotional trouble spots. Guards against negative energy & psychic attack. It increases the energy of other stones in any healing situation. It augments the immune system. Its a good stone when things start to feel like they're too much and you're feeling disheartened - when you feel powerless or scared.

Birthstone; Pisces

Aegerine crystal
Dark green aegerine crystal rods. Approx size 3 - 4.5 cm long.Generic photograph aegerine crystal sold singularly.
Aegerine crystals

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