Citrine tumble stones - extra large

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Citrine tumble stones extra large 30 - 50 mm various shapes see photograph (30+ stones per 1/2 kg) yellow/gold with white colour, semi-translucent. Source - Brazil. The Photograph is a generic image of the type of crystal you will receive not the actual item for sale, extra large citrine crystal
Yellow, golden, or lemon variety of quartz, colour is due to heat from volcanic and other earth activity or enhanced by heat.
Common source: Brazil, Madagascar
Astrological associations; Gemini, Aries, Libra, Leo
Chakra; solar plexus
Crystal healers believe the following: Healing qualities of citrine; abundance, wealth, Money Stone, all of the digestive system from your mouth to anus and all related disorders including Chron's disease and IBS, choice, decisions, relationships, anger, energy, heart, jaundice, kidneys, liver, nausea and sickness/vomiting, self-esteem, tissue regeneration, emotional toxins, toxins/detox, creativity, writing, anaemia, yin/yang, a Feel Better Stone, teaching and studying (learning), problem solving, awareness, new beginnings, aura, eyesight/vision, thyroid, thymus, selling houses!

Please note that while the descriptions of the properties, qualities and meanings of some crystals refer to healing benefits, they are not intended to replace diagnosis of illness or ailments, or healing or medicine. Always consult your doctor or other health professional in the case of illness.
All Crystal Associations, Healing uses, Magical uses and Metaphysical Definitions are provided as a means to Educate the user, and do not imply a Guarantee of effect. Those suffering from Illness should consult with their General Practitioner in the first Instance. Although there is little scientific evidence of the efficacy of crystal healing, in our experience many people benefit from the energy of crystals.

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