Music for Reiki Attunement by Llewellyn

Music for Reiki Attunement by Llewellyn

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Music for Reiki Attunement PMCD0088 by Llewellyn
Experienced Reiki Master Philip Permutt has worked closely with popular Reiki composer Llewellyn to produce over one hour of beautifully continuous music specifically for Reiki attunements and sacred ceremony.
Llewellyn is consistently one of Amazon's best selling producers of Reiki music in the UK. Music and Reiki I have been continuously inspired by Llewellyn's music for many years. His association with Reiki and other healing systems is well known and respected throughout the Reiki community. Since being attuned to Reiki it has flowed through his music. Reiki Masters and therapists have 'seen' it flow through their students and clients and it has become the choice of Reiki people throughout the world for their self-treatments, treatments on clients, teaching and attunements. It is its slightly mysterious and relaxing quality that sets Llewellyn's music aside from others'.
Music plays an important role in Reiki and for Reiki people. Whether you are a Reiki practitioner, or Master seeing clients or attuning students it 'sets the scene', helps to create an ambience in your treatment room, workshop space or even just relaxing at home. It is part of what makes the space yours and special.
Music for Reiki Attunements has been specially selected by Philip Permutt to create the perfect ambience for Reiki Attunements, treatments, Sacred Ceremony and meditation or simple relaxation in your own time and space.

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