The Little Sleep Meditation Album by Philip Permutt

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The Little Sleep Meditation Album PMCD0073 by Philip Permutt

The Little Sleep Meditation Album is an innovative compilation of short guided meditations aimed at relaxing and soothing the listener into a complete state of calmness to aid a good night's sleep. Suited to both beginners and advanced meditators, Philip Permutt also includes detailed sleeve notes about working with the sleep meditations on the CD. It also features music by Llewellyn from his bestselling sleep album - SLEEP GOLD.

Meditation 1 Starlight in the Mind - Let the starlight carry your thoughts away as you unwind.
Meditation 2 Mansion in the Heart - Release the emotions which may be holding you back and upsetting you. Gently let them go and relax.
Meditation 3 Conveyor Belt - Watch your thoughts and worries disappear allowing you to find a calm, still place in your mind.
Meditation 4 Relax - Simply follow this exercise to let you relax and release the tension in your body. Feel the stress and any aches and pains dissolve.
Meditation 5 Grounding Starlight - Follow the starlight through your body bringing down all your concerns and discomforts and releasing them into the earth.
Meditation 6 The Beach - Imagine you're lying on a tropical beach with the waves gently lapping against the shore...

The Litle Sleep Meditation Album is designed specifically to help you have a peaceful, restful nights sleep. Meditation is not drifting off to sleep. It is staying awake, aware and focused. It is being as aware as possible during the meditation and, if the aim is to sleep, then going to bed to sleep with a clear mind, relaxed body and carefree heart. Each of the meditations on this album is aimed at relaxing the mind, physical body, emotions or the spirit. Listen to one or more of the tracks immediately before you go to bed. It is advised that you do the meditations prior to going to bed sitting upright on the floor, a cushion or in a chair. This will allow you to reap the full benefit of the exercises leading to a peaceful and restful undisturbed nights sleep. If you do choose to lie in bed it is important that you maintain your focus on at least the meditation, and then you can allow yourself to drift away. Track 6 is designed to allow you to do exactly this.

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