The Little Reiki Meditation Album by Philip Permutt

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The Little Reiki Meditation Album PMCD0072 by Philip Permutt
The Little Reiki Meditation Album is a perfect compilation of guided meditation techniques suited to both beginners and advanced meditators. These unique meditations open up a powerful and deep connection to the Reiki energy flow, bringing benefit to everyone who listens, including those completely new to Reiki. "For the Reiki Master, these beautiful meditations make a truly invaluable and welcome addition to the teacher's tool box." Lyn Palmer - Reiki Master.

1. Channel of Energy
2. Heart Meditation
3. Self Healing
4. Reiki Energy
5. Emotional Healing
6. Distant Healing
7. Attunement Preperation
8. The Master
Total Running Time : 73:47

This album has been designed to help you to focus on yourself, align and balance you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through Reiki energy and meditation. The eight tracks take you on a journey through the Reiki experience. Each track is no longer than 10 minutes. So if you only have a few minutes listen to one track but, ideally you can repeat this whole meditation album daily (or twice daily if possible) for two weeks. Then pick and choose the specific Reiki meditations as you need. You do not need to be attuned to Reiki to benefit from any of the meditations. All meditation has benefit for everyone. If you have had a Reiki treatment then you may recognise similar feelings to those you experienced. For those considering learning Reiki, this album will give you a 'small' insight into Reiki energy. In this sense, 'small' is in no way derogatory only an honest appreciation of Reiki's abundant potential. If you have Reiki at any level, please use these meditations daily. They will give you a format for the meditative practices you are (or know you should be!) following. For active Reiki practitioners and therapists these meditations are ideal at the end of a day helping and focusing on other people. Reiki Masters will have a deeper understanding of these meditations. Work with them to take you further on your personal Reiki path. Also we all know we are not all good at everything and you can use this cd in the appropriate places in your Reiki teaching, courses and workshops if you choose. (If you are a Reiki Master and are unsure of this please feel free to contact Philip by email.)

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