Reiki Plus.........

Reiki Plus.........

Reiki Plus………

What’s that then?  
Well, we all need some ‘me’ time to have a relaxing treatment; sometimes for just that, relaxation, also de-stressing and at the same time, rebalancing the Chakras.  A bit of an MOT for the body and soul.  A traditional Reiki treatment can be very beneficial.
At other times Reiki may be needed for a more particular reason, perhaps for help in healing a specific ill, ache or pain or for an emotional problem such as grief.  Another reason could be to gain practical help with an ongoing problem or issue that needs some specific work and development.  Again, a traditional Reiki treatment can be beneficial.
Reiki Plus……… offers that little bit extra in whatever form is needed.  Firstly a little more time for you, a one and a half hour session giving time for that extra help.  
The session will consist of some traditional Reiki, then PLUS another treatment which may be in the form of a little crystal healing (which can be incorporated into the Reiki session) or some Hypnotherapy for confidence boosting, help with anxiety and many other problems.  A personalised meditation or visualisation technique can be devised for you, or the time can be used for talking therapy to work through any problems, ease feelings that are hard to deal with, to explore new ideas or some advice regarding your own Therapy Practice. The choice is yours.

Crystal Healing       £70
Traditional Reiki      £70
Hypnotherapy         £80
Reiki Plus………  any combination of above treatments including talking therapy and/or meditation £90

Email:          Phone, Text, WhatsApp  07889 159727
Lyn Palmer has been  a Hypnotherapist for over 25 years, a Reiki Master/Teacher for 18 years and Crystal Master for 17 years.  She is author of Sacred Stones and Crystals (with her husband, Philip Permutt - The Crystal Healer)

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