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Staurolite - Fairy Cross

Staurolite - Fairy Cross

Staurolite is an amazing crystal! it naturally forms short prismatic crystals with cruciform twinning giving the shape of a cross. Because of this natural cross shape staurolite's been called fairy cross or fairy stone.staurolite_crystals
Staurolite commonly comes from France and Russia and the crystals in the photograph are from Russia.
Astrologically staurolite is associated with Pisces
Chakra; base
Crystal Healing qualities; crystal healers believe staurolite brings good luck, power in rituals, protection, relieves fever, malaria (Richard the Lion Heart was reported treated with this in 12th Century), stress, depression. It's good for addictive personality traits, smoking cessation and other addictions. Can be helpful for time management so this is a brief post!! ;-)

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