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Crystal Healing Treatments

What happens in a Crystal Healing Treatment?

Crystal Therapists work in different ways so this is written from my perspective. 

In a Crystal Healing Treatment I will start by asking how you feel, why you've come to see me and we'll fill in a consent form with some simple standard information. We may talk a little about life, the universe and anything you like. I'll ask you to lie on the therapy couch. It's quite comfortable and there's no need to remove any clothing. Then I'll start selecting crystals especially for you and placing them where they need to be on your body. I may work with a crystal pendulum or completely intuitively. I may also have selected some crystals for you before you arrive. Once the crystals have been placed, I will work with other crystal healing techniques to activate the crystals and enhance the treatment. Sometimes I feel the need to include other therapies such as Reiki or Traditional Taoist Healing. I may leave you for a short while in a blissful crystal energy bath. At the end of the treatment we'll have a little time to talk and I'll check you are grounded before you leave. Crystal treatments really are a treat!

Crystals can help with almost any condition whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual.

Crystal healing treatments are available with internationally acclaimed crystal expert, author, teacher and healer Philip Permutt. Treatments usually last about 50 minutes -1 hour and are £60. Please be aware that it may take a series of treatments to resolve any issue. To read more about Philip PermuttThe CrystalHealer Biography click here

Philip’s books include:

The Crystal Healer
The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing
Sacred Stones and Crystals (with Lyn Palmer)
The Crystal Tarot
The Little Book of Crystal Tips & Cures

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