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Turquoise is a secondary cooper appearing as a blue or green rock. The colour being due to copper and iron. The more iron the greener the stone, the more copper the bluer. It forms as nodules, veins, crusts, stalactites and rarely, small crystals. The name comes from the French "Pierre Turquoise" meaning Stone of Turkey.

Turquoise is the birthstone of December and has astrological affinities with Aquarius, Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. It is a stone held sacred by Medicine People all over the world and is often associated with the night.

Physically Turquoise acts as a general tonic for the body. Boosting the immune system and strengthening all tissues. It aids cellular and tissue regeneration by promoting the  absorption of nutrients. It is a wonderful stone to work with before or after any surgery, illness or when recovering from disease. It is also said to prevent physical accidents and prepare the body for traumatic events, such as surgery. Turquoise gives you a boost when you're feeling run down. It is also helpful in treating conditions of the spine.

Because of its effect on the immune system turquoise is protective and is said to prevent accidents and affects from environmental pollutants causing allergic reactions. Its has also been used to protect against the 'evil eye' and is a traditional form of protection for travellers. Some say it will protect you from radiation emitted from microwaves, mobile phones, computers and television screens.

Turquoise helps many chest complaints including asthma, bronchitis, breathing problems, shortness of breath, poor respiration, flu symptoms and fevers.

It is also beneficial in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism. It is a traditional remedy for hip problems and is high in phosphoric acid, which is the homeopathic remedy for such conditions. It will also help alleviate wind pains and promote weight gain when you need it.

Perhaps Turquoise comes into its own in the area of the Throat Chakra. It is wonderful for public speaking and creative expression. It gives you the courage to communicate your own ideas and to connect to the spirit world.

Turquoise is a stone of friendship and emotional balance. By helping you express yourself it releases emotions and trauma often buried for many years. It will give you the strength to cope with these releases on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Turquoise promotes trust and kindness, dispels negativity and thereby reduces stress. It is a grounding stone, helping you to bring spiritual experiences into your everyday life. It helps to balance Yin and Yang energies within you allowing you to see the beauty in everything. This ties in with Turquoise traditionally being used as a love charm, promoting spontaneity in romance and love. It is also linked to friendship and loyalty and it is thought to change colour if your lover is unfaithful or the wearer is close to death. (Don't panic! If your Turquoise pales, leave it in the bathroom or a damp area for a few days and the colour will return. If it doesn't... then panic!).

It is said that Turquoise increases your innate healing powers and can be a steadying influence when placed in the centre of a room or group of people.

Historically Turquoise is linked with horses, bringing surefootedness. The Romans believed it protected their horses from accidents and fatigue and jockeys, hunters and horsemen often carry it to this day.

To Native American Indians Turquoise is perhaps the most sacred of stones. It represents the Blue Road, that is your spiritual path through life. It also represents Father Sky, Breath of Life and Spirit. It protects the wearer from the night and malevolent spirits. Turquoise connects Father Sky to Mother Earth and is used extensively in Rainmaking ceremonies and whilst Journeying.

The Aztecs made sacred Masks of Tezcatlipoca (a powerful God) from pieces of Turquoise shaped around a human skull. Tibetan Shamans used it in all ceremonies for protection. It is often set in the forehead of statues of Buddha to symbolise knowledge of things to come.

Turquoise was one of the most prized stones in the ancient world. It is known that Turquoise was mined in the Sinai Desert as far back as 3900BC and made into beads, ornaments, jewellery and scarabs. In fact the use of Turquoise goes back to the earliest jewellery ever found.
The story of The Turquoise Arrow comes from Tibet. It is fired from a Golden Bow. The Turquoise Arrow representing the Heavens and Golden Bow the Solar Rays of the Sun. In Tibet it is known as the 'Gem of the Gods'.

Traditionally Turquoise helps the spiritual person resist the temptations of the material world.

There is a magical ceremony for inducing wealth and financial gain. It must be performed in the hour of Jupiter. Holding a piece of Turquoise in the right hand, speak your desire into the stone whilst holding a steady gaze on it. Like all magic repetition increases the efficiency.

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Turquoise tumble stones

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The biggest full moon in years! And the Spring Equinox - what a weekend!

The biggest full moon in years! This weekend will see the biggest full moon for two decades. On Saturday the moon will be the closest it's been to Earth in 19 years and will appear 14% bigger and up to a third brighter than a normal full moon. She'll actually be 221,567 miles from us (someone has a long tape measure!) and the brightness is disproportionately enhanced brining a midnight twilight if the sky is clear.

Some people say "supermoons" can cause all sorts of natural disasters and are historically linked to many such events. The last supermoon was 10 January 2005, around the time of the Indonesian earthquake that measured 9.0 on the Richter scale and hurricane Katrina in 2005 was also associated with an unusually large full moon. But this one will be much bigger still.

We all know the moon can move the tides in the ocean and is linked to fluids in us, hence the idea of lunacy. Did you know that police departments the world over run their staff rotas on the lunar cycle? New York's finest and the Sussex Constabulary are just two examples.

Some more interesting facts are that in England the Lunacy Act of 1824 stated that people were likely to go mad when the moon was full. "The moon is made of green cheese" from John Heywood's proverbs 1546 means that it is new, or not aged and acts like a child. The full moon is also associated with lycanthropy where a man (or woman) becomes a werewolf (or Mrs Werewolf). And if you are scared of things that go bump in the night, then this weekend you'd be safer indoors! If you need a crystal to protect you as you venture out then wear a tourmaline crystal pendant or take a tourmaline crystal with you. Just pop the stone in your pocket or bra and it's protective crystal energy with wrap round you and you'll look just like the "Ready Brek" kid. There are many alternatives for example lapis lazuli and golden topaz which also keep you safe or aquamarine and turquoise that both traditionally protect travellers - and we all travel along our path...

But going back to the moon, these special supermoons can also be powerful times to complete a project or make a final step towards starting something new too and tourmaline can help here as it promotes change. It is a wonderful time to cleanse your crystals in the moonlight. Just pop your crystals outside and let the moon shine on them through the night. Even if it's cloudy your crystals will still pick up the powerful energy of the full moon.

Right that takes care of Saturday and in case you haven't had enough celestial happenings, Sunday is the Spring equinox, also known as the Vernal equinox. It is the New Year for a majority of ancient cultures, some of which are still going today! In fact even in the UK it was celebrated as the New Year up to 1751. It's the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. The time when life is renewed after its winter death. It is a time of renewal and re-birth and a perfect moment to start new projects and let new ideas flow freely through your mind. The equinox is at 11.21pm (UK time); a perfect time for your crystals to be bathed in the light of the silvery moon.

Of course the Spring equinox also links to Easter as the season of re-birth and this is represented by the giving (and let's not forget the eating) of Easter eggs. The ovoid form being a symbol of fertility and birth.

Enjoy the changes that the season brings and welcome the changes into your life.

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Christmas Crystals

Christmas Crystals All sorts of things happen when the festive season starts. Some wonderful, some interesting and some of them can appear absolutely disastrous!

So what is it that causes half the planet to go into a tiz? How is it that even those who plan their festivities months in advance, you know the really organised people of the world, still have a mad rush because Aunt Edith has decided to come for lunch? Why has Dear Aunt Edith chosen today to come for lunch? She hasn’t been to us for two years and she expects lunch… She’ll expect a glass of sherry too... And what about a present? And do the kids have to give her presents too? Oh I forgot to tell you, its quarter to three in the afternoon and the date is 24th December!

First thing is to calm down. In fact don’t wait till Christmas Eve, calm down now. Relax, chill, and meditate. Try a little meditation because just ten minutes a day for a couple of weeks before Christmas will help you relax, change how you feel and make it easier for you to cope with the festivities.

I was thinking… what else happens and how can crystals help to make your life better?

Well, amethyst clears the air. An Amethyst geode (also known as a cathedral or cave) placed in a living room or dining room will help to clear and energise the air. It will make your whole home feel fresher, calmer and more welcoming.

Calcite is also very calming. Red and honey calcite are good for physical relaxation. Blue calcite works on the mind to ease any worries, whilst the green variety of calcite will help soothe your emotions and feelings. For spiritual tranquillity surround yourself with golden calcite that brings a blissful feeling to both you and those around you.

Rose quartz is the stone of love, peace and goodwill. Like a bubble bath for your emotions, its energy washes over you and gently bathes your heart in gentle pink crystal light washing away the hassles and stresses of the day. It’s a wonderful feeling on dark winter nights (or any time for that matter). Try putting some rose quartz in your bath to refresh your skin and soak any aches away and help you feel younger.

If you feel you need an energy boost, hold a garnet crystal for half an hour or carry it with you all day. It’s great for a detox and cleanses the blood so it will help rid you of all those festive toxins too!

Brightening up both your home and your energy is easy with quartz crystals. Put a cluster in any room to add sparkle, hang crystals from your tree or windows (faceted hanging crystals will generate rainbows of light when the sun hits them) and carry a small crystal with you.

Take care if you’re travelling to family or friends over the festive season. This time of year people always seem to be in a hurry or distracted by thoughts of what they’re going to buy or cook and for whom; so even if you are the most careful driver on the road others may not be as focused as they should be. Whether it’s a walk to the local corner shop or flying to see relations in Australia, carry turquoise to protect you whilst travelling and keep you safe from misfortune.

Of course not everyone enjoys the festivities and some people find this time of year emotionally difficult. Apache tears help to release deep seated emotions. If you feel uncomfortable approaching this season keep an Apache tear with you. It will help you to gently let go of the past and slowly feel better about the festive season.

Aqua aura balances your energy field and protects you too. It adds colour, lifts you up and lets you down slowly. It gives you extra strength when you need it. And if you want to get away from it all it titanium quartz is great too as it aids astral travel and access to other dimensions. Angel aura quartz helps you connect to your angels guides and relatives who have passed over.

Now if your neighbours keep having noisy parties and don't invite you try putting a piece of pyrite on each window ledge. It’s magical and in no time at all you won’t even notice them.

And after it’s all over malachite will help you have a peaceful nights sleep.

Whatever you choose to celebrate I wish you a happy and peaceful festive season.

Merry Christmas


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Communication crystals

I recently posted a comment on facebook about the worst political speeches of all time, and unsurprisingly the winner was Mr Bush, 2nd came Arnold Schwarzenegger. Obviously what they were missing in their toolbox were crystals for communication.

Communication is vital for us all as it affects so many things. It's not just speech and talking, but also writing, art or any type of creativity or creative pursuit, body language and even the pheromones we give off.

Blue lace agate is the easiest crystal to start with. Just carry it with you and place it on your throat for 20 - 30 minutes each day. You can also try aqua aura, blue topaz, indicolite (blue tourmaline), tanzanite and turquoise.

Mookaite improves communication skills. Erythrite aids conversation. Blue quartz helps you express what's on your mind. Barite assists with the explanation of ideas. For public speaking try working with amethyst, septarian and turquoise. Your body language can be improved with smokey quartz.

Perhaps send one of these to your local MP!!

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Crystals for travel

I seem to be being asked a lot recently about crystals which will protect you whilst travelling. Remembering that a journey can be a walk to the corner shop, a trip round the world or following your path through life these crystals might help: turquoise and aquamarine are always good for any type of travel or you could also try moonstone, schalenblende, tourmaline and yellow jasper.
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