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Kyanite - 2 Minute Crystal Tip - Expression

Kyanite - 2 Minute Crystal Tip - Expression

A quick crystal tip to help you say how you feel and express yourself, your feelings, emotions and thoughts clearly. Hope you find this helpful


Sometimes people have difficulty expressing themselves and really saying what they want to say. Saying things in a kind

way or sometimes just saying things, getting things off your chest and telling people how you really fee. My name is Philip

and I've been working with crystals for over a quarter of a century. If you like the videos then please subscribe to the

YouTube channel, like comment share this video across all of social media. And this guy is our friend today. This is kyanite

he’s a blue crystal and kyanite works wonderfully well with a throat chakra. So here in the throat. And sometimes when you

find it difficult to express yourself it's because you've got a choking feeling coming up from your, your stomach or from your

heart and it doesn't come out of your throat, you stop yourself speaking. Kyanite is a wonderful, wonderful crystal to help

this. So simply carry it with you when you feel that you want to say something and you're having difficulty just take it out

your pocket, hold it, give it a rub, or you can even hold it in your pocket no one needs to know. You can wear them as

jewellery. You can put them by your bed at night or under your pillow, keep them around you, keep them where you work.

I hope this helps it's very, very quick Tip, but a wonderful crystal. Thank you for watching and hope to see you again soon.

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Aqua aura quartz crystal

Funny I mentioned this amazing crystal just the other day in my last blog post and today a shipment arrives from our colonial cousins in the good ol' US of A :-) Now, is this a coincidence or the power of my subconcious mind to tune into the customs department at Heathrow airport and be aware of them releasing the shipment? Or perhaps just luck? Or maybe I knew from experience all along that this shipment would probably turn up this week? I haven't got a clue. I'm a great believer that customs officials the world over exist in a different dimension to everyone else.

Anyway, here's a photo of a sample - we've got hundreds! And information on aqua aura quartz crystal

aqua_aura_points_100web.jpgAqua aura 
Quartz crystal bonded with gold giving beautiful mostly clear blue crystals and clusters.
Common source – USA (from Arkansas or Brazilian quartz)
Astrological associations; Leo
Chakra; brow, throat
Healing qualities; aura, communication, protection, all psychic abilities, negativity, depression, sadness, loss, grief, a “feel better stone”. 
And the most amazing thing that aqua aura does is help to relieve and release shock and trauma. Just hold a crystal if you (or someone else) has a shock and you will see the positive effects rapidly.

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Amazing crystals

This is the most amazing crystal cave I've ever seen!!

Check this link to the BBC

We've got lots of these selenite crystals in the shop at iSiS in St Albans - but none this big!!

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Crystal combinations

I keep being asked about combining crystals, which crystals can you keep together? which crystals work well together and crystals that amplify other crystals. The simple rule (if there are any rules?) is that you can keep any combination of crystals together. Many people say that when they combine crystals they all work better. As each crystal is working not just on a specific issue but on an aspect or specific cause of the issue it is hardly surprising to find this. For example rose quartz, moonstone and chrysocolla all improve fertility but all work slightly differently. One will be the right one for you but we have little idea which (you could dowse these with your crystal pendulum). When you combine all three they always work, so they "appear" to be working better as a group than one by itself. As crystals work by balancing whatever they're working on, if you don't need a crystal it will just look pretty and do no harm.

There are many crystal combinations that work well together such as citrine and crazy lace agate for confidence or tourmaline and smokey quartz (smoky quartz)for protection. There are obviously too many to go into, the positive combinations are endless, so try them for yourself.

Ruby amplifies the effect of any crystal it's placed near. Other crystals are reputed to do this too such as green fluorite and diamond. And some change the effects like Herkimer diamond which brings out the spiritual side of any other crystal.

But, as I said, there are no rules... so try your own combinations.

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Christmas Crystals

Christmas Crystals All sorts of things happen when the festive season starts. Some wonderful, some interesting and some of them can appear absolutely disastrous!

So what is it that causes half the planet to go into a tiz? How is it that even those who plan their festivities months in advance, you know the really organised people of the world, still have a mad rush because Aunt Edith has decided to come for lunch? Why has Dear Aunt Edith chosen today to come for lunch? She hasn’t been to us for two years and she expects lunch… She’ll expect a glass of sherry too... And what about a present? And do the kids have to give her presents too? Oh I forgot to tell you, its quarter to three in the afternoon and the date is 24th December!

First thing is to calm down. In fact don’t wait till Christmas Eve, calm down now. Relax, chill, and meditate. Try a little meditation because just ten minutes a day for a couple of weeks before Christmas will help you relax, change how you feel and make it easier for you to cope with the festivities.

I was thinking… what else happens and how can crystals help to make your life better?

Well, amethyst clears the air. An Amethyst geode (also known as a cathedral or cave) placed in a living room or dining room will help to clear and energise the air. It will make your whole home feel fresher, calmer and more welcoming.

Calcite is also very calming. Red and honey calcite are good for physical relaxation. Blue calcite works on the mind to ease any worries, whilst the green variety of calcite will help soothe your emotions and feelings. For spiritual tranquillity surround yourself with golden calcite that brings a blissful feeling to both you and those around you.

Rose quartz is the stone of love, peace and goodwill. Like a bubble bath for your emotions, its energy washes over you and gently bathes your heart in gentle pink crystal light washing away the hassles and stresses of the day. It’s a wonderful feeling on dark winter nights (or any time for that matter). Try putting some rose quartz in your bath to refresh your skin and soak any aches away and help you feel younger.

If you feel you need an energy boost, hold a garnet crystal for half an hour or carry it with you all day. It’s great for a detox and cleanses the blood so it will help rid you of all those festive toxins too!

Brightening up both your home and your energy is easy with quartz crystals. Put a cluster in any room to add sparkle, hang crystals from your tree or windows (faceted hanging crystals will generate rainbows of light when the sun hits them) and carry a small crystal with you.

Take care if you’re travelling to family or friends over the festive season. This time of year people always seem to be in a hurry or distracted by thoughts of what they’re going to buy or cook and for whom; so even if you are the most careful driver on the road others may not be as focused as they should be. Whether it’s a walk to the local corner shop or flying to see relations in Australia, carry turquoise to protect you whilst travelling and keep you safe from misfortune.

Of course not everyone enjoys the festivities and some people find this time of year emotionally difficult. Apache tears help to release deep seated emotions. If you feel uncomfortable approaching this season keep an Apache tear with you. It will help you to gently let go of the past and slowly feel better about the festive season.

Aqua aura balances your energy field and protects you too. It adds colour, lifts you up and lets you down slowly. It gives you extra strength when you need it. And if you want to get away from it all it titanium quartz is great too as it aids astral travel and access to other dimensions. Angel aura quartz helps you connect to your angels guides and relatives who have passed over.

Now if your neighbours keep having noisy parties and don't invite you try putting a piece of pyrite on each window ledge. It’s magical and in no time at all you won’t even notice them.

And after it’s all over malachite will help you have a peaceful nights sleep.

Whatever you choose to celebrate I wish you a happy and peaceful festive season.

Merry Christmas


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Can you help me get pregnant?

Surprisingly this is a question I am often asked! :-) Of course the real question is which crystals will help fertility and the answer is simple. There are 3 crystals that will definitely help: chrysocolla, moonstone and rose quartz. And the advice is always to work with all three together. They work in different ways and you never really know the reason, unless it's a serious physical one, in which case we can't really help facilitating pregnancy, but can still help you come to terms with your situation.

Chrysocolla works on both physical and emotional levels, moonstone on hormonal balance and emotions and rose quartz on mental and emotional balance. When there's no medical reason why you can't get pregnant there is always an emotional issue which may be concious or not. In fact, it's common for you to have absolutely no idea what the reason is. Trust the crystals and as I said, work with all three thither as they are all working slightly differently.

I've also seen great success with Reiki and reflexology too, especially when combined with crystals.

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Communication crystals

I recently posted a comment on facebook about the worst political speeches of all time, and unsurprisingly the winner was Mr Bush, 2nd came Arnold Schwarzenegger. Obviously what they were missing in their toolbox were crystals for communication.

Communication is vital for us all as it affects so many things. It's not just speech and talking, but also writing, art or any type of creativity or creative pursuit, body language and even the pheromones we give off.

Blue lace agate is the easiest crystal to start with. Just carry it with you and place it on your throat for 20 - 30 minutes each day. You can also try aqua aura, blue topaz, indicolite (blue tourmaline), tanzanite and turquoise.

Mookaite improves communication skills. Erythrite aids conversation. Blue quartz helps you express what's on your mind. Barite assists with the explanation of ideas. For public speaking try working with amethyst, septarian and turquoise. Your body language can be improved with smokey quartz.

Perhaps send one of these to your local MP!!

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Looking at labradorite

Looking at the display of labradorite on the shelf opposite my counter, I can't help but notice the way the light catches the individual pieces. The iridescent shining blues, greens and golds which appear to flash across the shelf in a magical way as a customer walks past.

And labradorite is indeed truly a magical crystal; it allows magic to happen around you and facilitates your openness to it. It stabilises the aura and enhances the flow of energy between the chakras. This means that energy (and therefore magick) flows through you and around you easier. You notice magical things and pass this on to everyone around you too. It can also help with insecurity, anxiety and stress.

On a physical level labradorite's good for digestion, eyes and warts.

It also sharpens the mind and brightens the intellect leading to inspiration, intuition and originality whilst letting you see many possibilities at once. Labradorite can also help scientific analysis or solving any problem.

And now I'm going from the counter to play with the labradorite display opposite.

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Computer crystals

All screens give off positive ions, which make us feel drained and low. So if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer try placing a fluorite crystal between you and the screen. This will absorb the excess of positive ions, releasing negative ions that make us feel bright, awake and focussed. It's the same feeling you get walking by a crashing sea or the freshness in the air after a rain storm.

Amethyst can also be revitalising and tourmaline protective to any negative vibes.

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New stock

Just arrived from Afghanistan... great tourmaline crystals, inexpensive aquamarine and beryl crystals, blue fluorite, rutile crystals, kunzite, epidot, actinolite, afgahanite, chlorite phantom crystals, amethyst and peridot jewellery and peridot crystals and the very best zoisite crystals I've ever seen!! Sorry we've just sold all the actinolite crystals :-) All the rest in iSiS now!
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