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Chris Orton
03/01/2017 14:35

"Faded" malachite

A piece of malachite I own has become "faded" - its lost is stripes!

This poor crystal had tumbled out of a display and I hadnt noticed.

Its been on a windowsill for a good while, caught up behind a blind so has been subjected (through a double glazed window) to light and dark - full sun - the lot. I felt so sorry for it, its currently resting on an amethyst bed.

Any ideas or is it beyond help?
The Crystal Healer
18/01/2017 12:30

RE: "Faded" malachite

Malachite can fade when exposed to extreme sunlight for a length of time, which it sounds like it has been. I doubt the colour will come back but the amethyst bed will definately make it feel better! Leave it there until it's looking bright again.