Reiki Healing Master Level with Nicci Roscoe Part 1 Mar 26/27 Part 2 Apr 9/10

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Reiki Master Level  Course with Nicci Roscoe
Reiki Healing Master Level with Nicci Roscoe (Reiki Master Usui Reiki Tradition) Take your next step along your Reiki path, learn the master symbols and how to share your knowledge and teach others to tap into this beautiful healing energy. 

Part 1 Saturday & Sunday March 26/27 Part 2 Saturday and Sunday April 9/10 10am - 5.30pm

Taught in the traditional Usui Reiki Tradition.  Whether it is for self-healinghealing others, personal or spiritual development or just out of interest. Venue The Crystal Healer, St Albans.
Traditional Usui Reiki is taught. 

What is Reiki?
Reiki: the word is Japanese and means Universal Life Force Energy. It is called "The Secret Art of Happiness". Reiki is a type of healing that is completely unconditional. It is a powerful, yet simple form of hands on healing, anyone can learn it!  It is also an effective self development tool. Reiki continues to be passed on through generations from Reiki Master to Student by means of attunements. Every Reiki attunement will be a unique experience for each individual.

With over 40 years' experience in wellbeing behind her, as a Crystal Master Teacher, therapist, teacher, TV and radio health and fitness presenter, Nicci Roscoe is an amazing therapist and teacher in her own right working with both adults and children, employing her Mind Medication process, which includes: crystal healing, Reiki, meditation, Life Coaching, NLP and other approaches as needed. She is available for 1-2-1 treatments and private classes in most of these modalities in St Albans.

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