Sacred Stones and Crystals - LIVE! 2017

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Sacred Stones and Crystals - LIVE! 
Sunday May 7th 2017
A day at Avebury Stone Circle in the dramatic countryside of Wiltshire, UK with the authors Lyn Palmer and Philip Permutt of Sacred Stones and Crystals. "It's a great day, I'm so happy I just want to keep smiling" (Mary, Birmingham)
Visit the largest and oldest Stone Circle in the world!  Avebury is one of the most important Neolithic sites in Europe. It is about 5,000 years old and the perfect place to explore many of the activities you can try at a historic sacred site.
We've created a practical day of connecting with the Stones in the ancient Circle and meeting your very own special Stone. Exploring the exercises in Sacred Stones and Crystals including: a Stone's  power,  entering the Stones,  connecting with the Stones, dowsing the energy of the Stones and the Stone Circle, grounding, asking the Stones for help, creating a Medicine Bag, and Stone Circle crystal grids. "You can really feel the interconnectedness of the stones and the people in the group" (Neil, Birmingham)
Special Stones; bring any special Stones you may have to energise them within the amazing energies of the Avebury Stone Circle.
We will be based for the day at the National Trust Study Rooms within the Stone Circle and going out from there to discover and embrace the powerful energies of these mysterious timeless Stones
This is a practical interactive day. Please bring suitable outdoor clothing and footwear, a packed lunch (although there are 2 restaurants where you can buy lunch), and your favourite crystals and Stones. There will be crystals available on the day to work with. There will also be a selection of crystals for sale.
Arrive at 10am for 10.30 start. Ends about 4.30pm £99 includes refreshments. Early booking recommended. Book online or by phone 07808 730750 PLEASE NOTE FOR ONLINE BOOKINGS... The system will automatically add shipping to your payment use code FREESHIP1 at the checkout to remove delivery charges.[PLEASE NOTE If you order crystals on the same order you will be charged normal shipping charges]
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Sacred Stones and Crystals by Philip Permutt and Lyn Palmer Sacred Stones and Crystals by Philip Permutt and Lyn Palmer
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