Advanced Crystal Workshop 2017 Philip Permutt & Lyn Palmer

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Advanced Crystal Workshop 2017 with Philip Permutt & Lyn Palmer - "Awsome I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot." (Sarah, Essex) £85 10am - 4pm December 10th at The Crystal Healer, St Albans Bookings online or phone 07808 730750

A healing journey, learning new skills and crystal healing techniques and working with some amazing crystal friends. An intensive workshop for those with more experience of working with crystal energy - guaranteed crystal surprises and you'll discover some surprising things about yourself too! "Something shifted, it wasn't what I was expecting, or how I expected, or where, but it definitely shifted!... Totally zapped!" Christine, Ulverston

"It's like a complete wholeness" Zahrah, London "I got a real feeling of connection" Rosemary, Cumbria "When I had my treatment I felt total peace" Penny, Watford "Felt like I was lying in a cocoon of light... golden light around my head. Fantastic!" (Louise, Leigh-on-Sea)

This workshop changes every year so this is different from the last one! We'll be working with Lemurian quartz crystals, laser crystals, botryoidal black banded agate, purple chalcedony, Tiffany stone, sunset aura quartz, tektite (from outer space!), azurite-malachite and a few other surprises! (all subject to stock) "It felt like the azurite-malachite crystal lifted up off my body and then everything felt balanced and I saw wee sparkles" Norma, Glasgow "It was like my head exploded and came back together again!... everything flowed...I love the new crystals, brilliant!" (Tracy, Leigh-on-Sea)

Previous years "intriguing - the whole day was amazing!" (Kerry, Hitchin) we've worked with golden Lemurian laser quartz crystals, menalite,amethyst pyramids, black moonstone, copper, green tourmaline, aqua aura, cobaltoan calcite, apatite, Himalayan Diamonds and Herkimer diamonds, Muscovite "books" and Lapis lazuli "pens", pink opal, titanium quartz, pyrite and Auralite-23. Super seven, metamorphosis quartz, eudialyte, selenite, quartz crystal balls, morganite, pyrite, Tibetan smokey quartz, tourmaline, amethyst, lapis lazuli, Gem quality Amethyst Freeforms, metamorphosis quartz, tourmaline, Tibetan citrine, Columbian Blue Mist crystals, Selenite Aura Wands and some hematite for grounding! 

This is an amazing day suitable for Anyone who loves working with crystals. "Took me to a happy place" Christine, Ulverston "That was a new experience that was" Tracy, Salway

It is recommended that you have completed Crystal Healing Level 1 or a similar class elsewhere or attended other crystal workshops or courses before booking this Advanced Crystal Workshop.

"It felt like a weight coming off... like being shrink-wrapped and draged to the floor - it's really nice. I will definately come to the next one!" (Anna, Basildon)

Advanced Crystal Workshop with Philip Permutt & Lyn Palmer
Venues and contact details for Advanced Crystal Workshops:
We have our Teaching Space in St Albans
The Crystal Healer
F1, Unit 1
The Verulam Estate
224 London Road
St Albans
Phone 07808 730750
The Crystal Tree
69 Broadway West
Leigh on Sea

Bookings phone Tracy Munn 01702 808710

Medicine Garden
10 Union Street

LA12 7HR
Bookings phone Jane Alexander on 07841 581979

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