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The Crystal Tarot by Philip Permutt

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The Crystal Tarot by Philip Permutt. Inspirational book and full set of 78 tarot cards. Registered customers receive discounts up to 20% off

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Five star
from Anonymous on 01/04/2013
Wonderful energy! I use my cards for my own layout - The Four Elements - Which tells me me how to balance and harmonize the elements within myself. These cards are perfect for this!!
Such beautiful cards
from Anonymous on 03/04/2012
Such beautiful cards
from Anonymous on 03/04/2012
These Tarot cards have such a lovely gentle energy and I found them so easy to read even though I have had very little experience of them before, such a good idea to know which crystals to use to enhance the readings. A friend who is a very powerful healer says that they have a very good energy, much more so than the usual Tarot cards.
I love working with these cards
from Anonymous on 15/01/2011
They are easy to use initially but over time you start to really appreciate their complexity. Using them has supported my self-development as well as offered glimpses to what is to come. I can't recommend them enough.
The Crystal Tarot
from Anonymous on 08/01/2011
My customers and I have found the Crystal Tarot card beautifully illustrated. Each card is clearly explained in the little book included. I really enjoy the link betweenthe tarot and the crystals All in all a very useful and well put together package. Love it. brilliant idea.

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