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Crystals for Meditation

Crystals for meditation
Crystals for Meditation, crystal meditation, meditate with crystals, crystals and the meditative state

All crystals support meditation by acting as a point of focus, many enhance specific parts of the meditative process too and all types of meditation, of which there are many, promote spiritual and healing effects of any crystal.

Crystal specifics for meditation

Agate can help you see what’s wrong and how you can heal and is a helpful aid to visualisation.

Amethyst crystals expand the meditation experience making it seem fuller and more detailed. It can also help you to centre yourself.

Ametrine speeds the meditation process so you can have more time in a state of bliss.

Apophyllite acts like a mirror to your soul so you can easily see what’s inside.

Blue quartz promotes the successful search for enlightenment.

Golden calcite can focus the pictures in your mind during meditation.

White calcite helps you to find the answers that you seek.

Carnelian promotes endurance and can be helpful for retreats.

Celestite can support your targets in life and help you find your goals and ambitions.

Charoite helps to calm the body and still the mind.

Fluorite brings focus and clarity. 

Garnet grounds emotion from the heart through the base chakra and frees the heart to truly experience the meditative state.

Hessonite promotes your development and understanding through meditation.

Red jasper helps you to stay connected to the earth whilst experiencing the highs of meditation, a grounding stone.

Kunzite supports right brain activity, intuition and creativity and can help to keep you centred when you’re letting go of the things you no longer need.

Kyanite promotes meditation and helps you to begin at the start of a meditation.

Malachite is the stone to help you look within yourself and acts as a magnifying glass to your inner feelings.

Morganite fills an empty heart and promotes love; sending it out to others.

Fire opal helps you to see and understand the pictures in your mind.

Peridot can help you find enlightenment.

Petalite brings the answers you find in the special moments of meditation into your everyday experience.

Petrified wood can link you to your past life experiences.

Pietersite is great for guided meditations helping you to picture images in your mind.

Prehnite is helpful at the beginning of your meditation to get you on the right track. 

Quartz crystal is a fantastic meditation tool helping all types of meditation whether as a focus for the meditation or just by its energy being present.

Ruby has the ability to create a circuit from the base chakra, through the heart and up to the crown chakra and back down to the base linking all aspects of the meditative experience.

Smokey quartz can remove grief and free you from past events that are holding you back.

Spirit quartz is helpful for group meditations to bring a common experience.

Tanzanite brings understanding of the visions and messages gleaned in meditation.

Tiger’s eye can help you to send distant healing.

Titanium quartz illuminates your options. 

Imperial topaz is a magical meditation mineral! It promotes every aspect of the art of meditation.

Tourmaline is good for meditation and Verdelite, a green variety of tourmaline, in particular promotes visualisation.

Turquoise helps to bring your meditation experiences back to Earth.

Vanadinite can completely clear the mind of all thoughts and distractions. 

However you choose to meditate you'll find that crystals enhance every stage of the meditative process, providing a point of focus and bringing clarity of mind. 

Crystals for Meditation, crystal meditation, meditate with crystals, crystals and the meditative state

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