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barbara thorn
31/08/2017 11:47

Feeling with crystals

Hi Philip
Can you explain, I went to a crystal stall to have a look and the minute I stood there I had a feeling of dizzy not knowing where to look next at crystals as if I was being drawn to them all and in the end I moved past them it stopped but went back again and started up once more. I have been doing a lot more reiki recently on clients so I don't know if that's making me more receptive but very weird feeling
The Crystal Healer
31/08/2017 12:11

RE: Feeling with crystals

We all sense crystal energy slightly differently and it can seem almost overwhelming when your crystal link first switches on but it also shows you have a natural gift of communication with crystals. Learn more, practise, spend as much time as you can with crystals, have them with you 24/7 in everything you do and do some good courses or workshops and you'll be able to quickly get to grips and have these energies more under control. Then you'll really be able to help others with your skills. Love and crystal light x