Walking The Walk - Philip Permutt

Walking The Walk - Philip Permutt. Music inspired by crystals, the Tao and the blues. Crystal singing bowls, Native American Drums and electric guitars

"Hearing this music was like a breath of fresh air. The Native American Drums and Electric Guitar combination is like a dream combination, it felt like I was searching for this album all my life and Philip Permutt has felt the calling of people like me and made magic." Cigdem Onay

Track list

1. Walking the Walk (running time 6.42)

2. Conversation on a Star (running time 5.23)

3. In the Footsteps of the Ancestors (running time 6.17)

4. Crystal Talk (running time 5.28)

5. Island in the Tao (running time 9.28)

6. Coming Home (running time 7.06)

7. Into the Earth (running time 6.21)

8. March of the Stone People (running time 5.51)

9. Blue Sky (running time 7.33)

Listening instructions: dim the lights, light a candle, turn the volume up, press play…

All crystal singing bowls recorded with binaural recording. Try listening with headphones or surround sound system for the best listening experience.

Philip Permuttcrystal singing bowls, Native American and African hand drums, tingsha, electric guitar

Ian Cohen – lead guitar

Jez Nash – electric guitar, bass, electric piano, various electronic machines, synths and all the technical stuff, coffee can shaker (home-made)

Sarah Slade – additional crystal singing bowls

Recorded by Jez Nash at University of West London Recoding Studios

Artwork designed by Brown Creative

EAN 5060362462729

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