Selenite Aura Wand

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Selenite Aura Wand Approx size 14 - 17 cm. Made from natural selenite crystal. Generic photograph the selenite aura wand crystal you receive will be similar to the photograph. Selenite aura crystal is perfect for healing, clearing, brushing and sealing your aura.

Crystallised form of gypsum usually clear or white.
Common source: Mexico, Satin Spa - Morocco, golden - Canada
Astrological associations; Taurus - Also linked with the Moon (named after Selene, goddess of the moon)
Chakra; Crown
Crystal Qualities; Crystal Healers believe selenite helps stressful skin conditions such as acne, elasticity of skin, eczema, psoriasis, skin sensitivity, youthful appearance and wrinkles. Selenite boosts sex drive, and is helpful coping with abuse and other emotional trauma. Said to bring longevity selenite is very feminine and can help balance all cycles in life.

Selenite Aura Wand, selenite aura crystal


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