Goddess Workshop with Sarah Slade January 11

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Goddess Workshop with Sarah Slade Saturday 11th January 2020 10.30am - 3.30pm
A workshop for women of all ages; the maiden, the mother, the wise woman. Bring out your inner goddess with crystals, cake and coffee.
A Goddess Workshop to help you with body confidence, self-worth and inner power. Price includes bracelet making and a goodie bag.

You could say that every woman is all phases of the goddess; maiden, mother, wise woman. We draw our energy from the moon and are in synchronicity with her phases. Women have played the part of healer and nurturer in every society through the ages, eventually demonised and vilified by a growing patriarchal society, but we have never lost that innate part of our psyche and we are playing an equal part in today’s society while learning the truth about our fraternal ancestors. The sacred feminine has endured and will endure no matter how much technology has advanced. From the upsurge in religions such as Wicca and the more holistic approach to physical and mental health,the sacred feminine is even more potent. Every woman is a goddess, just some of us have forgotten. 

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